Friday, December 12, 2014

The Notary Digest 2014 3rd Quarter Newsletter (American Association of Notaries)

The Notary Digest 2014 3rd Quarter Newsletter 
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Autumn Challenge: Aspire to Notarial Perfection!
Mediocrity doesn't cut it in our notary world.   We must aspire to notarial perfection! As the old saying goes, "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. " Almost perfect isn't good enough when a notary is involved. This issue of The Notary Digest is jam-packed with quality assurance tips and checklists.

Performing the correct oral ceremony of a notarial act is not an option.   It is as essential as signing the notarial certificate and affixing your seal. By whatever name you prefer, it is an essential element of the notarial act. You MUST perform this part of the notarial act, and you must perform the RIGHT one. Don't worry! We've got you covered.     
A valid notarization is a perfect notarization; anything less than perfect is invalid.   We challenge you to compare your habits with this lengthy and detailed checklist -- Inspect the ID.  Does it seem like a genuine ID document? Has it expired? (That is a problem if your state does not allow expired ID documents. You must ask for another form of ID that is current. ) Does the person on the ID look like the person before you? Does the year of birth on the ID indicate the appropriate age for the person who is standing before you? TIP: If you are not able to ascertain the age of a person quickly by looking at his or her birth year, create a table with two columns that will provide a person's age based on the year he or she was born (e. g. if the date of birth is 1964 - the age is 50; if the date of birth is 1954 - the age is 60). See the Age at a Glance Calculator in a subsequent article entitled "ID Checklist."  See how you measure up. 
ID Checklist and Age at a Glance Calculator
Our checklist will guide you through the identification part of your duties.   You have a lot of information to gather when checking ID! Does it seem like a genuine ID document? Has it expired?   Does the year of birth on the ID indicate the appropriate age for the person who is standing before you? Our Age at a Glance Calculator will help you make sure you don't have a younger family member attempting to sign for a parent. 
Shortcut to Notary Infamy 
Be vigilant and check your work at least three times if you notarize election forms for a candidate running for public office. Lately, it seems that the quickest route to notary infamy and having your notarial errors made public is to improperly notarize a political candidate's forms that qualify him or her to run for public office.    

Better Strategies for Working with Aging Signers 
Questions that new notaries are taught to fire off when notarizing for aging signers can be condescending. Learn new strategies for working with signers who are advanced in years. We have included a checklist to help you glide through this type of notarization.

REAL Stories by REAL Notaries 
This story is from a Minnesota notary who has asked to be called "R." R. learned bad habits, but corrected them just in time.  Thank you, R.! Your story is a great one and we hope others will be encouraged to share similar stories.


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