Monday, January 5, 2015

Document Cheat Sheet for New Notary Signing Agents

Good evening - I remember when I started as a signing agent, there were no ready references. I was desperate to have a stack of loan documents to practice with.  When I got into a position to help new notaries have such a tool, I created one.  
Enjoy!  Brenda, NNNews Curator

Document Cheat Sheet for New Notary Signing Agents

You will need to become familiar with common documents before you start your career as a signing agent. Practice is the best way to gain confidence in presenting loan document to borrowers.
Obviously, you will need a stack of practice loan documents. As you have probably learned, finding a set of sample loan documents is not easy. We have located a couple of sources to share. Check the links below. (Links can become non-existent overnight, so if you want to save the documents for future use, you should do so fairly soon.)  READ THE LIST ----> HERE

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