Sunday, January 4, 2015

Notaries should never form opinions about the signer's business [a joke with meaning]

Today's treasure hunt for news has produced few results thus far. I did run across a joke involving a notary public and thought it made a good point, as well as added a little humor to the day.

There is more truth than humorous poetry buried in these words. 

Happy Sunday NNN reading!  Brenda

Here's your joke:
Old Jerry was on his death bed. It looked imminent. He asked for his wife and three sons to come and be by his side. And he asked that they have a notary public come in, as he wanted to divvy things up properly among the boys. The notary came in, ready to record and certify, and they got down to business.

"Mike, you take those two apartment buildings over by the lake. Those are yours," the old man said. The notary thought, "Oh, my, what a bequest; what a lucky son."
"John," the old man whispered. "That new development — those condos — 36 units in all ... that's what I'm leaving you." Again, the notary, was duly impressed.
"Kelly, I want you to have the residential properties in between. That's 43 homes you'll inherit."

The notary was so impressed he couldn't stand it anymore and offered his congratulations to the old man on being so successful. "I would have never guessed, from the way you live here, that you own so many properties to leave to your children."
The wife leaned over, "Uhhh ... he's talking about his paper route."

SOURCE:  Steve Miller, AD 

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