Friday, January 2, 2015

Notary's Fraud Causes Legal Immigrant 10 years in Purgatory

Muller Renterias recently finished serving a 10-year immigration penalty thanks to a Florida notary public who took his $2,000 in 2004 and didn't bother to mention that to Renterias that he*** was NOT an attorney. 

The notary's immigration crime impacted a family of 19 and plunged them into despair and separation for ten years.

Quoted from the story:

A notary in Florida with a nice office and a $2,000 cash fee promised to file the paperwork, the couple said.

When they moved to South Carolina, however, the family hired a Hilton Head Island attorney, who learned the notary did not finish the job and that the Muller Renterias were on a deportation list.


[***Note:  I am assuming the notary was a man; the article doesn't indicate.}

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