Monday, January 5, 2015

Prepare now for Minnesota Responsible Contractor Law

Why do notaries want to read this?  
Here's the notary pull quote from the article.  If you are interested, follow the links below:

Employ One or More Notaries 
Because all verifications must be under oath, contractors and subcontractors will need ready access to a notary public. The best way is to have one or more notaries in the office. Notaries, however, cannot e-notarize an electronic bid without an E-Notarization Authorization Certificate. Applications for E-Notarization must be submitted to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. 


Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Robert J. Huber
December 19 2014

Contractors should prepare for Minnesota's Responsible Contractor Law, which will apply to most bid solicitations for state and local construction contracts in Minnesota issued after December 31, 2015. The law will apply to all publicly-owned and publicly-financed low-bid and best-value contracts over $50,000. 

Contractors will be ineligible for public contracts and subcontracts unless they meet the new minimum bidding criteria imposed by the law. They must be currently registered and insured; and they must be free of specified violations of wage and hour laws and affirmative-action requirements for the previous three years. (Violations before June 3, 2014, however, do not count.) Any future failure to meet the criteria will effectively be a three-year debarment from public projects, which can be a death penalty for contractors who rely on public projects. 

Contractors should take specific steps prepare for this law.  READ IT ALL

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