Thursday, January 1, 2015

Seven Secrets for Notary Business Success


Most questions that we receive through our Facebook page relate to starting a notary business. If you need help jumpstarting your business, you are going to love this no-nonsense special edition of The Notary Digest. Today, you will learn profit strategies that signing service companies and notary signing agent class trainers won’t tell you!

■ Secret #1 It’s not all glamour.
Before we go forward, it is only fair to tell you that there is a dirty little secret about starting and running a notary business, one that you won’t learn from companies that derive the bulk of their income through selling notary signing agent training courses and certifications.
The competition is stiff and it takes time to build a business. However, there are ways to get started and start profiting so that you are in a better position to choose good clients and negotiate better fees, but it will take patience and planning.

Still interested? Fantastic! Let’s move on.


Source:  AAN - Notary Digest 2013

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