Friday, April 24, 2015

Montana SB306 Legalizes Remote Online Notarial Acts (4/22/15)

This law requires that a notary use personal knowledge to ID the signer or that a credible witness be used to identify the signer.

(3) A notary public in this state may perform acknowledgments or verifications on oath or affirmation by means of a real-time, two-way audio-video communication, according to the rules and standards established by the secretary of state, if:

(a) the signer is personally known to the notary or identified by a credible witness and, except for a transaction described in subsection (3)(b)(iv), is a legal resident of this state; and

(b) the transaction:

(i) involves real property located in this state;

(ii) involves personal property titled in this state;

(iii) is under the jurisdiction of any court in this state; or

(iv) is pursuant to a proxy marriage under 40-1-213 or 40-1-301. (See page 14)


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