Sunday, May 10, 2015

Uncapping Notary Fees In California...Good or Bad?

Read the Proposed Bill Here.

I don't live in California where notary fees are basically capped at $10.  But, I know my friends there have a hard time justifying their $10 per act fees to clients. If you take that figure off the books, it could become harder to justify.

The NNA suggests that you support this bill because notaries need a raise.  I think there are two sides to this issue, so you'll have to weigh it out for yourself.  Again, I don't live there.  I don't notarize there, but until I have more info, I would be inclined not to support the bill.

Let's face it,  Lawmakers have lots on their plates never give us a thought unless someone is suggesting a new notarial law to them. If an industry in California is pushing for an upgraded electronic notarization program, uncapping the fees would make sense.

I'm about to dash out for a Mother's Day lunch with the kids at a country bbq spot, so this won't be an intellectual discussion...very quickly, my point is:

It seems that hi-tech e-notarization solutions always bring hi-tech platforms and the need for higher notary fees to cover technology costs involved.  The notaries are not always the ones receiving 100% of the fees.  Dare I mention webcam notarial acts?  I know...I'm really sceptical these days.
I'm rambling.  I've said enough.

Wish I had more time to investigate this...I only learned of it yesterday.

What do you think?

PS - thanks to M for bringing this to my attention.  Can't believe notaries only learned of it after it had gone through committee, etc.  I missed this didn't hit my Scout filters.

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