Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Attorney lambasts Section 41-313 of the Arizona Revised Statutes (Excellent article, even if from 2011)

This 2011 article is quite worthy of AZ notaries' attention! Get legal insight on this unhandy set of provisions added to 41-313 in AZ notary law.

"The new law added the following provisions to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 41-313:
C.  If a notary attaches a notarial certificate to a document using a separate sheet of paper, the attachment must contain a description of the document that includes at a minimum the title or type of document, the document date, the number of pages of the document and any additional signers other than those named in the notarial certificate."


The author of this article is Richard Keyt, an Arizona limited liability company attorney who has formed 4,200+ LLCs for $597. His Silver & Gold LLC packages include the $85 expedited filing fee, newspaper publication, a custom Operating Agreement and 170 book called the Arizona LLC Operations Manual. Connect with Richard at 602-424-4152 or on Google+

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