Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Adorable Tiny Notary Stamp and I Ride Again (in spite of HB 1683)


For the past eight years, I have used a tiny notary stamp that measures about 9/16" by 2 1/2".  When use that little rascal, my seal placement on a document is surgically precise. It fits into tight spots on crowded forms like a Prius rolls into a compact car space in a high-rise parking garage.

When HB 1683 was passed by the Texas Legislature and mandated that notaries' ID numbers would be added to our seals--never mind that it would help law enforcers catch bad guys--I was crushed thinking I would have to give up my adorable little baby stamp.

I'm breathing easier because it looks like everything is going to be okay.

I renewed my notary commission this month and my Texas Slim Notary Stamp is being crafted as we speak. I keep it and my pocket journal in my purse.

By the way, the Slim Notary Stamp is also available in many other states.  Visit the AAN's website and select your state...peruse the notary stamps and supplies.

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