Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stop Learning About Entrepreneurship and Start Doing the Work

I just read a great article tweeted by Entrepreneur.com.  To summarize it: people who succeed get out there and DO stuff.

I need to throw my two-cents in here--notary DOers are always plagued by the armchair quarterbacks--the people who read, but never DO. I can always pick them out.  They are the ones who offer no positive input on a notary forum, but they are always, always, always there and ready to criticize anyone who DOES something.

They are Mr./Ms. Know-it-all.

The lesson here is to be a DOer. Do something different in your marketing, branch out with a new service and filter out the naysayers.

Here's an excerpt from the article.

You already have the knowledge you need.

The reality is that, by the time they’re ready to launch a business, most entrepreneurs know more than they realize. You study, and you research. You become knowledgeable through the access we have to information on the Internet. If you were to take a quiz, you would pass with flying colors.  READ MORE

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