Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We’re all sick, but come on in! (Notary Flu Season Survival Guide)

You walk into a house for a notary signing appointment and the first thing you hear is “Our little one has a virus.”

Sure enough, there’s the fussy toddler and he’s going to sit at the table with you. But, you’re prepared!

You pull out your hand sanitizing wipes and put them on the table so you can use them as needed. Knowing there’s a germ running through the house, you don’t pull out your nice pens, you pull out the cheap ones and give them to the signers. (Don’t touch them again. You’ll leave those on the table when you go.)

The first time the little rascal grabs at your notary seal and gets fussy, you tell him that you’ve got something for him but he has to use it at the coffee table (not the table you’re sitting at). Out of your notary bag of tricks you extract your first weapon: a plastic baggy in which is tucked an old self-inking “Paid” stamp and a small pad of paper.

If that doesn’t work, reach back into your bag for another bit of weaponry: a baggy containing five crayons and another small pad of paper. Your third weapon could be a bag of stickers and a sheet of paper.

The point is this: do whatever you can NOT to let the sick child touch anything you must also touch. If you make contact with the child or touch something he’s been holding, grab your sanitizing hand wipes and unapologetically clean your hands.

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