Sunday, February 28, 2016

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The author of this blog manages the AAN's Facebook page...that's me, Brenda Stone.  This morning, I was perusing the site and found a ton of seals and embossers (plus more) that included a free membership with purchase.  Shop in your PJ's and get a free membership!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Insider Marketing Tip from an Old Timer

This old-fashioned tip has proven itself a hundred times to me and it will make you oh-so-memorable to business owners and the movers and shakers in your community.  After you do this, who are they going to call when they need a mobile notary?  You!

I learned this technique back in the day when I worked for a non-profit organization that survived on the donations of local businesses. One of the things I did to encourage good will in our community toward the organization (and me) was to read local newspapers and clip anything newsworthy and positive about a local business owner or company employee.

Once I clipped it, I would write on the clipping something like "Kudos!  Thanks for all you do.  Brenda at Organization Name."   I would then mount it on a piece of letterhead and have it laminated. Usually, the person received a visit from me to deliver the clipping.  Sometimes, I mailed them.  Those folks never discarded their clippings because it was about them.  They also remembered me positively each time they looked at it.  I can't tell you how many times they would thank me for the same little news article.

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Over the years, I've used this techniques many times in my notary business.  I don't always laminate the article.  If I am out of laminator pouches, I put the clipping in an inexpensive document frame.  (My most recent laminator is a Scotch brand - great little tool.)
This laminator is my FAVORITE! - Price is down!  $29.99 or $44 with Pouches

So, how can you put this to work?

1-Decide on a way to present your congratulatory message.  

  • Will you put the clipping on letterhead?
  • Should you create a template exactly for this purpose?
  • Will you just include your business card?
  • The possibilities are endless on making your name stand out.  Oh, and whatever you do, be sure to include your name and phone number!

2-Invest in your choice of a  laminator and pouches or frames.

  • Laminators are as low as  as $29.  
  • Document frames can be found as inexpensively as $2.45 online.

3-Now, watch the newspaper (or online news)!

  • Either type of format (online or paper news) will work for this purpose. In fact, both have their highpoints:  
  • Online news articles will be easier to manipulate into colorful and engaging presentations.  You can highlight names with different colored fonts or use colorful fonts in the article.
  • Paper news articles have that old school look of permanence. 
  • Coaches and athletic directors win at sports.  This opportunity will present itself many times.
  • Local schools are often award winners -- hit up the principal and top district administrators.
  • Watch for real estate brokers who win awards or do something charitable.
  • Doctors and hospitals are always doing good!
  • Local banks and bankers contribute frequently to causes or help out with Little League sports, etc.
  • The local title companies that have been so hard to break into will eventually do something newsworthy.
  • The local tourist bureau or chamber of commerce will award many recipients during their annual banquets.
  • Deliver the clipping in person as often as possible.

4-Don't limit yourself to local celebrities.
Watch for good news on national title companies you want to do business with by searching their names Google.

5-You may also use email or not be quite so fancy.

  • Even if you just want to send the news story by email and congratulate contacts that way, it will have some impact. 
  • You could also do a handwritten card that says "congrats" or something similar on front.  Of course, you'd want to staple your business card to the clipping and enclose it with your card.
  • Making a presentation of your congratulatory message (like those above) will be more memorable to the recipient, but you've got to work with what you can and any effort will be better than not using this old tried and true strategy. 

Marketing Tip - Use Google+ to Boost your Visibility -- it's so easy!

Blogging and using Google+ to "+1" your own posts will make Google like you better.  Start using Google+ to show off a little bit.

Search engine optimization isn't rocket science, but it's also not the easiest thing to learn and perfect, especially for busy notaries.  Using Google+ is one quick and easy way to boost your visibility on Google searches.

In case you are missing the point, here it is one more time:

If you want to turn up on the first few pages of a search on Google, start using Google+. 

Every time I make a blog post, I "+1" myself.  I'm out there doing this all alone, but it's working like magic.

The screenshot on this page shows the results on the first page of Google results when I type in "notary news" (with or without the quotes).  Wow!  I'm a contender with the NNA, and that's amazing to me.

We've got a saying in Texas that "a blind hog will find an acorn every now and then."  That's what happened to me with Google+.  I'm so tickled with this bit of insight that I can't keep from telling you, even though I'll be leaking one of my best trade secrets for success.

This article explains why I'm able to boost my ratings even though I'm the only one using +1 on my blog posts.

7 Benefits of Using Google+

Why should you create a Google+ business profile? Well, it is owned and operated by Google of course. And as a generalization, like YouTube and Google Places for Business, Google+ profiles do have some perks in getting ranked/indexed by Google. You increase the odds of getting highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results if you have a Google Plus account.  READ IT ALL

Monday, February 22, 2016

"Locky" Clever New Ransomware - Don't Open It!

I can see that notary signing agents could be a target for this type of malicious attack.

I received this today from my IT friend who manages 200+ computers in his department.

There is a new ransomware strain somewhat amateurishly called "Locky", but this is professional grade malware.
The major headache is that this flavor starts out with a Microsoft Word attachment which has malicious macros in it, making it hard to filter out.
The email message will contain a subject similar to ATTN: Invoice J-98223146 and a message such as "Please see the attached invoice (Microsoft Word Document) and remit payment according to the terms listed at the bottom of the invoice".
When the Word document is opened, it looks like the content of the document is scrambled and the document will display a message stating that you should enable the macros if the text is unreadable. Here is a screenshot of how that looks:

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Every Saturday and Sunday My Phone Blows Up...

Just now, a man from Huntsville is looking for a notary.  I had two calls yesterday for medical records litigation work, plus a gentleman needing a mobile notary, and my inbox and text messages will go off like crazy tomorrow for last minute notarizations before Monday starts the school week and spring field trips.

I do what I can, but this weekend, I'm going to be Granny.  I'm about to leave to go meet my kids at Repka's Grocery (Cajun food in Brookshire) and kick off a family weekend.

If I had notaries in my area to refer work to, I would love that.

Become a part of the Texas Notary Professionals Workgroup and let me send some of my business your way.

Interested?  Send an email to  You'll get an auto-responder immediately telling you all about it.

Free Downloadable File of Texas Zip Codes, Cities, Counties for Texas Notaries

Email me at and ask for the Zip Code file, tell me who you are and what county you are in.  It's in Excel format.

Easily create a list of all the zip codes or cities that you service. Sort by city name, zip code, or county.

For Texas notaries only!

If you are a Texas notary, please write me at and I'll send you info on the Texas Notary Professionals Workgroup and a Texas notary directory list that I and a few close friends are developing. There is no money involved, we are just designing a marketing tool to use for direct marketing to non-loan signing clients.

Join your colleagues: Texas Notary Directory Underway

If you are a Texas notary, please write me at and I'll send you info on the Texas Notary Professionals Workgroup and a Texas notary directory list that I and a few close friends are developing.  There is no money involved, we are just designing a marketing tool to use for direct marketing to non-loan signing clients.

California Notaries: See AB 2566. More Changes to your Laws Possible (ID)

AB-2566 Notaries public: acceptance of identification.

"Existing law relating to property transfers prohibits the acknowledgment of an instrument unless the officer taking it has satisfactory evidence that the person making the acknowledgment is the individual who is described in and who executed the instrument. Existing law provides that an officer may reasonably rely on a passport issued by a foreign government, a driver’s license issued by another state or a Canadian or Mexican public agency, an identification card issued by another state or a branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, or an employee identification card issued by an agency or office of this state or a city, county, or city and county in this state, provided that the document meets certain requirements. In the event the document is a passport, it must be stamped by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Department of Homeland Security.
This bill would also authorize the acceptance of a passport, whether or not it is stamped by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Department of Homeland Security, and a valid, unexpired consular identification document issued by a consulate from the person’s country of citizenship, as proof of identity."

Texas Notary Professionals Workgroup (on Facebook)

If you are a Texas notary, please write me at and I'll send you info on the Texas Notary Professionals Workgroup.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Von Miller...would love to make him an honorary notary.

Last night I read an article by Von Miller that I think everyone should ready.

If you ever played PeeWee Football, read this...if you are/ ever were a Little League mom (or dad), read this...if you have nerdy little ones who think they can't play this to them.

If you raised BOYS and had a full house all the time and fought them sneaking out, read it. You'll just want to hug these guys and call them "Son."

A Brief History of Me Being a Nerd | By Von Miller

11 Marketing Tips that Notaries SHOULD NOT READ if...

If you don't want your business to take off, do nothing. Ignore this post. These are tried and true marketing strategies that will cause your phone to ring! Don't do them if you don't want more business!!!

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TIP 1 - Maintain a Google+ page for your notary business.  I get daily calls from people who have seen my listing on Google+.

Get eight little gifts for $6.11
TIP 2 - Send your best clients adorable gifts like these "sign here" stickies.  Cut these apart with scissors and drop one pad into an envelope with a note of thanks and appreciation for their business.

TIP 3 - Join and list that you are  a mobile notary in your profile.  Once you join, do a one-time introduction of yourself and that you are a mobile notary to everyone who lives nearby. Contribute helpful information and be a good neighbor so you'll not be forgotten. is the best way to keep up with what's going on in your neighborhood.  If you lose a pet, your neighbors will help you search.  If someone is breaking into homes or cars near you, you'll know it!  It's a GREAT resource.

TIP 4 - If you are a Texas notary:  Get listed in a directory that I'm working on to share with my  contacts and friends who are seeking notaries daily to handle notarizations.  Step One is to join the Texas Notary Professionals Group. Step Two is to get your listing at

TIP 5 - List your notary business in Express Update U.S.A. - Why?  Because this listing service provides information to:
  • The top Internet search engines (accounting for 98% of all U.S. searches)
  • 85% of large public libraries
  • The leading in-car navigation systems
ExpressUpdate U.S.A. will get your name into mobile device navigation systems and more!

Do a marketing blitz with playing cards.
"Don't Gamble!  Call a pro!"
TIP 6 - Run a "Don't Gamble!" campaign - Send your best clients an economy deck of cards.  On the outside, apply a label that says "Don't gamble with your client's loan documents.  Call a professional! xxx-xxx-xxxx."  I can't tell you how many clients I've bonded with by giving away decks of cards.  They love getting cards.

TIP 7 - Give your give your mechanic a stack of your business cards when you take your car in for a tuneup.

TIP 8 - Leave business cards with your doctor's office next time you are in for an appointment. The same is true for your dentist and pharmacist.

     Who doesn't enjoy seeds
   they can sprinkle into a pot?
TIP 9 - Drop by your local hospital with business cards in hand. Go early and leave a few business cards with the volunteers who are accommodating the family members of patients who are having surgery.  Check in with the medical records office.  If you are really feeling ambitious, take a nice warm box of fresh donuts to the nurses in the emergency room. 

TIP 10 - Be memorable!  Distribute forget-me-not seeds with a business card stapled to the package.

TIP 11 - Include the cities, zip codes, and counties you cover in your website content. If you are from Texas, I've made it easy for you, find your coverage area in these lists. Copy and paste the cities' names, zip codes, and counties you cover into your website. You'll get more hits from Google!

Cities in Texas (T thru Z)

City                     Zip        County
Taft 78390 San Patricio
Tahoka 79373 Lynn
Talco 75487 Franklin
Talpa 76882 Coleman
Tarpley 78883 Bandera
Tarzan 79783 Martin
Tatum 75691 Rusk
Taylor 76574 Williamson
Teague 75860 Freestone
Tehuacana 76686 Limestone
Telegraph 76883 Edwards
Telephone 75488 Fannin
Telferner 77988 Victoria
Tell 79259 Childress
Temple 76501 Bell
Temple 76502 Bell
Temple 76503 Bell
Temple 76504 Bell
Temple 76505 Bell
Temple 76508 Bell
Tenaha 75974 Shelby
Tennessee Colony 75861 Anderson
Tennessee Colony 75880 Anderson
Tennessee Colony 75884 Anderson
Tennessee Colony 75886 Anderson
Tennyson 76953 Coke
Terlingua 79852 Brewster
Terrell 75160 Kaufman
Terrell 75161 Kaufman
Texarkana 75501 Bowie
Texarkana 75503 Bowie
Texarkana 75504 Bowie
Texarkana 75505 Bowie
Texarkana 75507 Bowie
Texarkana 75599 Bowie
Texas City 77590 Galveston
Texas City 77591 Galveston
Texas City 77592 Galveston
Texline 79087 Dallam
The Colony 75056 Denton
Thicket 77374 Hardin
Thomaston 77989 De Witt
Thompsons 77481 Fort Bend
Thorndale 76577 Milam
Thornton 76687 Limestone
Thrall 76578 Williamson
Three Rivers 78071 Live Oak
Throckmorton 76483 Throckmorton
Tilden 78072 Mcmullen
Timpson 75975 Shelby
Tioga 76271 Grayson
Tivoli 77990 Refugio
Tokio 79376 Yoakum
Tolar 76476 Hood
Tom Bean 75489 Grayson
Tomball 77375 Harris
Tomball 77377 Harris
Tornillo 79853 El Paso
Tow 78672 Llano
Toyah 79785 Reeves
Toyahvale 79786 Reeves
Trent 79561 Taylor
Trenton 75490 Fannin
Trinidad 75163 Henderson
Trinity 75862 Trinity
Troup 75789 Smith
Troy 76579 Bell
Tuleta 78162 Bee
Tulia 79088 Swisher
Turkey 79261 Hall
Tuscola 79562 Taylor
Tye 79563 Taylor
Tyler 75701 Smith
Tyler 75702 Smith
Tyler 75703 Smith
Tyler 75704 Smith
Tyler 75705 Smith
Tyler 75706 Smith
Tyler 75707 Smith
Tyler 75708 Smith
Tyler 75709 Smith
Tyler 75710 Smith
Tyler 75711 Smith
Tyler 75712 Smith
Tyler 75713 Smith
Tyler 75798 Smith
Tyler 75799 Smith
Tynan 78391 Bee
Umbarger 79091 Randall
Universal City 78148 Bexar
Universal City 78150 Bexar
Utopia 78884 Uvalde
Uvalde 78801 Uvalde
Uvalde 78802 Uvalde
Valentine 79854 Presidio
Valera 76884 Coleman
Valley Mills 76689 Bosque
Valley Spring 76885 Llano
Valley View 76272 Cooke
Van 75790 Van Zandt
Van Alstyne 75495 Grayson
Van Horn 79855 Culberson
Van Vleck 77482 Matagorda
Vancourt 76955 Tom Green
Vanderbilt 77991 Jackson
Vanderpool 78885 Bandera
Vega 79092 Oldham
Venus 76084 Johnson
Veribest 76886 Tom Green
Vernon 76384 Wilbarger
Vernon 76385 Wilbarger
Victoria 77901 Victoria
Victoria 77902 Victoria
Victoria 77903 Victoria
Victoria 77904 Victoria
Victoria 77905 Victoria
Vidor 77662 Orange
Vidor 77670 Orange
Village Mills 77663 Hardin
Voca 76887 Mcculloch
Von Ormy 78073 Bexar
Voss 76888 Coleman
Votaw 77376 Hardin
Waco 76701 Mclennan
Waco 76702 Mclennan
Waco 76703 Mclennan
Waco 76704 Mclennan
Waco 76705 Mclennan
Waco 76706 Mclennan
Waco 76707 Mclennan
Waco 76708 Mclennan
Waco 76710 Mclennan
Waco 76711 Mclennan
Waco 76714 Mclennan
Waco 76715 Mclennan
Waco 76716 Mclennan
Waco 76795 Mclennan
Waco 76797 Mclennan
Waco 76798 Mclennan
Waco 76799 Mclennan
Wadsworth 77483 Matagorda
Waelder 78959 Gonzales
Waka 79093 Ochiltree
Walburg 78673 Williamson
Wall 76957 Tom Green
Waller 77484 Harris
Wallis 77485 Austin
Wallisville 77597 Chambers
Walnut Springs 76690 Bosque
Warda 78960 Fayette
Waring 78074 Kendall
Warren 77664 Tyler
Warrenton 78961 Fayette
Washington 77880 Washington
Waskom 75692 Harrison
Water Valley 76958 Tom Green
Waxahachie 75165 Ellis
Waxahachie 75167 Ellis
Waxahachie 75168 Ellis
Wayside 79094 Armstrong
Weatherford 76085 Parker
Weatherford 76086 Parker
Weatherford 76087 Parker
Weatherford 76088 Parker
Webster 77598 Harris
Weesatche 77993 Goliad
Weimar 78962 Colorado
Weinert 76388 Haskell
Weir 78674 Williamson
Welch 79377 Dawson
Wellborn 77881 Brazos
Wellington 79095 Collingsworth
Wellman 79378 Terry
Wells 75976 Cherokee
Weslaco 78596 Hidalgo
Weslaco 78599 Hidalgo
West 76691 Mclennan
West Columbia 77486 Brazoria
West Point 78963 Fayette
Westbrook 79565 Mitchell
Westhoff 77994 De Witt
Westminster 75485 Collin
Weston 75097 Collin
Wharton 77488 Wharton
Wheeler 79096 Wheeler
Wheelock 77882 Robertson
White Deer 79097 Carson
White Oak 75693 Gregg
Whiteface 79379 Cochran
Whitehouse 75791 Smith
Whitesboro 76273 Grayson
Whitewright 75491 Grayson
Whitharral 79380 Hockley
Whitney 76692 Hill
Whitsett 78075 Live Oak
Whitt 76490 Parker
Wichita Falls 76301 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76302 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76305 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76306 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76307 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76308 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76309 Wichita
Wichita Falls 76310 Wichita
Wickett 79788 Ward
Wiergate 75977 Newton
Wildorado 79098 Oldham
Willis 77318 Montgomery
Willis 77378 Montgomery
Willow City 78675 Gillespie
Wills Point 75169 Van Zandt
Wilmer 75172 Dallas
Wilson 79381 Lynn
Wimberley 78676 Hays
Windom 75492 Fannin
Windthorst 76389 Archer
Winfield 75493 Titus
Wingate 79566 Runnels
Wink 79789 Winkler
Winnie 77665 Chambers
Winnsboro 75494 Wood
Winona 75792 Smith
Winters 79567 Runnels
Woden 75978 Nacogdoches
Wolfe City 75496 Hunt
Wolfforth 79382 Lubbock
Woodlake 75865 Trinity
Woodlawn 75694 Harrison
Woodsboro 78393 Refugio
Woodson 76491 Throckmorton
Woodville 75979 Tyler
Woodville 75990 Tyler
Woodway 76712 Mclennan
Wortham 76693 Freestone
Wrightsboro 78677 Gonzales
Wylie 75098 Collin
Yancey 78886 Medina
Yantis 75497 Wood
Yoakum 77995 Lavaca
Yorktown 78164 De Witt
Zapata 78076 Zapata
Zavalla 75980 Angelina
Zephyr 76890 Brown

Cities in Texas (N thru S)

City                    Zip        County

Nacogdoches 75961 Nacogdoches
Nacogdoches 75962 Nacogdoches
Nacogdoches 75963 Nacogdoches
Nacogdoches 75964 Nacogdoches
Nacogdoches 75965 Nacogdoches
Nada 77460 Colorado
Naples 75568 Morris
Nash 75569 Bowie
Natalia 78059 Medina
Naval Air Station/ Jrb 76127 Tarrant
Navasota 77869 Brazos
Navasota 77868 Grimes
Nazareth 79063 Castro
Neches 75779 Anderson
Nederland 77627 Jefferson
Needville 77461 Fort Bend
Nemo 76070 Somervell
Nevada 75173 Collin
New Baden 77870 Robertson
New Boston 75570 Bowie
New Braunfels 78130 Comal
New Braunfels 78131 Comal
New Braunfels 78132 Comal
New Braunfels 78135 Comal
New Caney 77357 Montgomery
New Deal 79350 Lubbock
New Home 79383 Lynn
New London 75682 Rusk
New Summerfield 75780 Cherokee
New Ulm 78950 Austin
New Waverly 77358 Walker
Newark 76071 Wise
Newcastle 76372 Young
Newton 75966 Newton
Nixon 78140 Gonzales
Nocona 76255 Montague
Nolan 79537 Nolan
Nolanville 76559 Bell
Nome 77629 Jefferson
Nordheim 78141 De Witt
Normangee 77871 Leon
Normanna 78142 Bee
North Houston 77315 Harris
North Richland Hills 76180 Tarrant
North Richland Hills 76182 Tarrant
North Zulch 77872 Madison
Norton 76865 Runnels
Notrees 79759 Ector
Novice 79538 Coleman
Nursery 77976 Victoria
O Brien 79539 Haskell
Oakhurst 77359 San Jacinto
Oakland 78951 Colorado
Oakville 78060 Live Oak
Oakwood 75855 Leon
Odell 79247 Wilbarger
Odem 78370 San Patricio
Odessa 79760 Ector
Odessa 79761 Ector
Odessa 79762 Ector
Odessa 79763 Ector
Odessa 79764 Ector
Odessa 79765 Ector
Odessa 79766 Ector
Odessa 79768 Ector
Odessa 79769 Ector
Odonnell 79351 Lynn
Oglesby 76561 Coryell
Oilton 78371 Webb
Oklaunion 76373 Wilbarger
Old Glory 79540 Stonewall
Old Ocean 77463 Brazoria
Olden 76466 Eastland
Olmito 78575 Cameron
Olney 76374 Young
Olton 79064 Lamb
Omaha 75571 Morris
Onalaska 77360 Polk
Orange 77630 Orange
Orange 77631 Orange
Orange 77632 Orange
Orange Grove 78372 Jim Wells
Orangefield 77639 Orange
Orchard 77464 Fort Bend
Ore City 75683 Upshur
Orla 79770 Reeves
Ottine 78658 Gonzales
Ovalo 79541 Taylor
Overton 75684 Rusk
Ozona 76943 Crockett
Paducah 79248 Cottle
Paige 78659 Bastrop
Paint Rock 76866 Concho
Palacios 77465 Matagorda
Palestine 75801 Anderson
Palestine 75802 Anderson
Palestine 75803 Anderson
Palestine 75882 Anderson
Palmer 75152 Ellis
Palo Pinto 76484 Palo Pinto
Paluxy 76467 Hood
Pampa 79065 Gray
Pampa 79066 Gray
Pandora 78143 Wilson
Panhandle 79068 Carson
Panna Maria 78144 Karnes
Panola 75685 Panola
Paradise 76073 Wise
Paris 75460 Lamar
Paris 75461 Lamar
Paris 75462 Lamar
Pasadena 77501 Harris
Pasadena 77502 Harris
Pasadena 77503 Harris
Pasadena 77504 Harris
Pasadena 77505 Harris
Pasadena 77506 Harris
Pasadena 77507 Harris
Pasadena 77508 Harris
Pattison 77466 Waller
Pattonville 75468 Lamar
Pawnee 78145 Bee
Pearland 77581 Brazoria
Pearland 77584 Brazoria
Pearland 77588 Brazoria
Pearsall 78061 Frio
Peaster 76485 Parker
Pecan Gap 75469 Delta
Pecos 79772 Reeves
Peggy 78062 Atascosa
Pendleton 76564 Bell
Penelope 76676 Hill
Penitas 78576 Hidalgo
Pennington 75856 Trinity
Penwell 79776 Ector
Pep 79353 Hockley
Perrin 76486 Jack
Perryton 79070 Ochiltree
Petersburg 79250 Hale
Petrolia 76377 Clay
Pettus 78146 Bee
Petty 75470 Lamar
Pflugerville 78660 Travis
Pflugerville 78691 Travis
Pharr 78577 Hidalgo
Pickton 75471 Hopkins
Pierce 77467 Wharton
Pilot Point 76258 Denton
Pinehurst 77362 Montgomery
Pineland 75968 Sabine
Pipe Creek 78063 Bandera
Pittsburg 75686 Camp
Placedo 77977 Victoria
Plains 79355 Yoakum
Plainview 79072 Hale
Plainview 79073 Hale
Plano 75023 Collin
Plano 75024 Collin
Plano 75025 Collin
Plano 75026 Collin
Plano 75074 Collin
Plano 75075 Collin
Plano 75086 Collin
Plano 75093 Collin
Plano 75094 Collin
Plantersville 77363 Grimes
Pleasanton 78064 Atascosa
Pledger 77468 Matagorda
Plum 78952 Fayette
Point 75472 Rains
Point Comfort 77978 Calhoun
Pointblank 77364 San Jacinto
Pollok 75969 Angelina
Ponder 76259 Denton
Pontotoc 76869 Mason
Poolville 76487 Parker
Port Aransas 78373 Nueces
Port Arthur 77640 Jefferson
Port Arthur 77641 Jefferson
Port Arthur 77642 Jefferson
Port Arthur 77643 Jefferson
Port Bolivar 77650 Galveston
Port Isabel 78578 Cameron
Port Lavaca 77979 Calhoun
Port Mansfield 78598 Willacy
Port Neches 77651 Jefferson
Port O Connor 77982 Calhoun
Porter 77365 Montgomery
Portland 78374 San Patricio
Post 79356 Garza
Poteet 78065 Atascosa
Poth 78147 Wilson
Pottsboro 75076 Grayson
Pottsville 76565 Hamilton
Powderly 75473 Lamar
Powell 75153 Navarro
Poynor 75782 Henderson
Prairie Hill 76678 Limestone
Prairie Lea 78661 Caldwell
Prairie View 77446 Waller
Premont 78375 Jim Wells
Presidio 79845 Presidio
Price 75687 Rusk
Priddy 76870 Mills
Princeton 75407 Collin
Proctor 76468 Comanche
Progreso 78579 Hidalgo
Prosper 75078 Collin
Purdon 76679 Navarro
Purmela 76566 Coryell
Putnam 76469 Callahan
Pyote 79777 Ward
Quail 79251 Collingsworth
Quanah 79252 Hardeman
Queen City 75572 Cass
Quemado 78877 Maverick
Quinlan 75474 Hunt
Quitaque 79255 Briscoe
Quitman 75783 Wood
Rainbow 76077 Somervell
Ralls 79357 Crosby
Randolph 75475 Fannin
Ranger 76470 Eastland
Rankin 79778 Upton
Ransom Canyon 79366 Lubbock
Ratcliff 75858 Houston
Ravenna 75476 Fannin
Raymondville 78580 Willacy
Raywood 77582 Liberty
Reagan 76680 Falls
Realitos 78376 Duval
Red Oak 75154 Ellis
Red Rock 78662 Bastrop
Redford 79846 Presidio
Redwater 75573 Bowie
Refugio 78377 Refugio
Reklaw 75784 Cherokee
Rhome 76078 Wise
Rice 75155 Navarro
Richards 77873 Grimes
Richardson 75080 Dallas
Richardson 75081 Dallas
Richardson 75082 Dallas
Richardson 75083 Dallas
Richardson 75085 Dallas
Richland 76681 Navarro
Richland Springs 76871 San Saba
Richmond 77406 Fort Bend
Richmond 77469 Fort Bend
Riesel 76682 Mclennan
Ringgold 76261 Montague
Rio Frio 78879 Real
Rio Grande City 78582 Starr
Rio Hondo 78583 Cameron
Rio Medina 78066 Medina
Rio Vista 76093 Johnson
Rising Star 76471 Eastland
Riverside 77367 Walker
Riviera 78379 Kleberg
Roanoke 76262 Denton
Roanoke 76299 Denton
Roans Prairie 77875 Grimes
Roaring Springs 79256 Motley
Robert Lee 76945 Coke
Robstown 78380 Nueces
Roby 79543 Fisher
Rochelle 76872 Mcculloch
Rochester 79544 Haskell
Rock Island 77470 Colorado
Rockdale 76567 Milam
Rockport 78381 Aransas
Rockport 78382 Aransas
Rocksprings 78880 Edwards
Rockwall 75032 Rockwall
Rockwall 75087 Rockwall
Rockwood 76873 Coleman
Rogers 76569 Bell
Roma 78584 Starr
Romayor 77368 Liberty
Roosevelt 76874 Kimble
Ropesville 79358 Hockley
Rosanky 78953 Bastrop
Roscoe 79545 Nolan
Rosebud 76570 Falls
Rosenberg 77471 Fort Bend
Rosharon 77583 Brazoria
Ross 76684 Mclennan
Rosser 75157 Kaufman
Rosston 76263 Cooke
Rotan 79546 Fisher
Round Mountain 78663 Blanco
Round Rock 78664 Williamson
Round Rock 78680 Williamson
Round Rock 78681 Williamson
Round Rock 78682 Williamson
Round Rock 78683 Williamson
Round Top 78954 Fayette
Rowena 76875 Runnels
Rowlett 75030 Dallas
Rowlett 75088 Dallas
Rowlett 75089 Dallas
Roxton 75477 Lamar
Royse City 75189 Rockwall
Rule 79547 Haskell
Rule 79548 Haskell
Runge 78151 Karnes
Rusk 75785 Cherokee
Rye 77369 Liberty
Sabinal 78881 Uvalde
Sabine Pass 77655 Jefferson
Sachse 75048 Dallas
Sacul 75788 Nacogdoches
Sadler 76264 Grayson
Saint Hedwig 78152 Bexar
Saint Jo 76265 Montague
Salado 76571 Bell
Salineno 78585 Starr
Salt Flat 79847 Hudspeth
Saltillo 75478 Hopkins
Sam Norwood 79077 Collingsworth
San Angelo 76901 Tom Green
San Angelo 76902 Tom Green
San Angelo 76903 Tom Green
San Angelo 76904 Tom Green
San Angelo 76905 Tom Green
San Angelo 76906 Tom Green
San Angelo 76909 Tom Green
San Antonio 78201 Bexar
San Antonio 78202 Bexar
San Antonio 78203 Bexar
San Antonio 78204 Bexar
San Antonio 78205 Bexar
San Antonio 78206 Bexar
San Antonio 78207 Bexar
San Antonio 78208 Bexar
San Antonio 78209 Bexar
San Antonio 78210 Bexar
San Antonio 78211 Bexar
San Antonio 78212 Bexar
San Antonio 78213 Bexar
San Antonio 78214 Bexar
San Antonio 78215 Bexar
San Antonio 78216 Bexar
San Antonio 78217 Bexar
San Antonio 78218 Bexar
San Antonio 78219 Bexar
San Antonio 78220 Bexar
San Antonio 78221 Bexar
San Antonio 78222 Bexar
San Antonio 78223 Bexar
San Antonio 78224 Bexar
San Antonio 78225 Bexar
San Antonio 78226 Bexar
San Antonio 78227 Bexar
San Antonio 78228 Bexar
San Antonio 78229 Bexar
San Antonio 78230 Bexar
San Antonio 78231 Bexar
San Antonio 78232 Bexar
San Antonio 78233 Bexar
San Antonio 78234 Bexar
San Antonio 78235 Bexar
San Antonio 78236 Bexar
San Antonio 78237 Bexar
San Antonio 78238 Bexar
San Antonio 78239 Bexar
San Antonio 78240 Bexar
San Antonio 78241 Bexar
San Antonio 78242 Bexar
San Antonio 78243 Bexar
San Antonio 78244 Bexar
San Antonio 78245 Bexar
San Antonio 78246 Bexar
San Antonio 78247 Bexar
San Antonio 78248 Bexar
San Antonio 78249 Bexar
San Antonio 78250 Bexar
San Antonio 78251 Bexar
San Antonio 78252 Bexar
San Antonio 78253 Bexar
San Antonio 78254 Bexar
San Antonio 78255 Bexar
San Antonio 78256 Bexar
San Antonio 78257 Bexar
San Antonio 78258 Bexar
San Antonio 78259 Bexar
San Antonio 78260 Bexar
San Antonio 78261 Bexar
San Antonio 78262 Bexar
San Antonio 78263 Bexar
San Antonio 78264 Bexar
San Antonio 78265 Bexar
San Antonio 78268 Bexar
San Antonio 78269 Bexar
San Antonio 78270 Bexar
San Antonio 78275 Bexar
San Antonio 78278 Bexar
San Antonio 78279 Bexar
San Antonio 78280 Bexar
San Antonio 78283 Bexar
San Antonio 78284 Bexar
San Antonio 78285 Bexar
San Antonio 78286 Bexar
San Antonio 78287 Bexar
San Antonio 78288 Bexar
San Antonio 78289 Bexar
San Antonio 78291 Bexar
San Antonio 78292 Bexar
San Antonio 78293 Bexar
San Antonio 78294 Bexar
San Antonio 78295 Bexar
San Antonio 78296 Bexar
San Antonio 78297 Bexar
San Antonio 78298 Bexar
San Antonio 78299 Bexar
San Antonio 78266 Comal
San Augustine 75972 San Augustine
San Benito 78586 Cameron
San Diego 78384 Duval
San Elizario 79849 El Paso
San Felipe 77473 Austin
San Isidro 78588 Starr
San Juan 78589 Hidalgo
San Marcos 78666 Hays
San Marcos 78667 Hays
San Perlita 78590 Willacy
San Saba 76877 San Saba
San Ygnacio 78067 Zapata
Sanderson 79848 Terrell
Sandia 78383 Jim Wells
Sanford 79078 Hutchinson
Sanger 76266 Denton
Santa Anna 76878 Coleman
Santa Elena 78591 Starr
Santa Fe 77510 Galveston
Santa Fe 77517 Galveston
Santa Maria 78592 Cameron
Santa Rosa 78593 Cameron
Santo 76472 Palo Pinto
Saragosa 79780 Reeves
Saratoga 77585 Hardin
Sarita 78385 Kenedy
Satin 76685 Falls
Savoy 75479 Fannin
Schertz 78154 Guadalupe
Schulenburg 78956 Fayette
Schwertner 76573 Williamson
Scotland 76379 Archer
Scottsville 75688 Harrison
Scroggins 75480 Franklin
Scurry 75158 Kaufman
Seabrook 77586 Harris
Seadrift 77983 Calhoun
Seagoville 75159 Dallas
Seagraves 79359 Gaines
Sealy 77474 Austin
Sebastian 78594 Willacy
Seguin 78155 Guadalupe
Seguin 78156 Guadalupe
Selman City 75689 Rusk
Seminole 79360 Gaines
Seymour 76380 Baylor
Shallowater 79363 Lubbock
Shamrock 79079 Wheeler
Sheffield 79781 Pecos
Shelbyville 75973 Shelby
Shepherd 77371 San Jacinto
Sheppard Afb 76311 Wichita
Sheridan 77475 Colorado
Sherman 75090 Grayson
Sherman 75091 Grayson
Sherman 75092 Grayson
Shiner 77984 Lavaca
Shiro 77876 Grimes
Sidney 76474 Comanche
Sierra Blanca 79851 Hudspeth
Silsbee 77656 Hardin
Silver 76949 Coke
Silverton 79257 Briscoe
Simms 75574 Bowie
Simonton 77476 Fort Bend
Sinton 78387 San Patricio
Skellytown 79080 Carson
Skidmore 78389 Bee
Slaton 79364 Lubbock
Slidell 76267 Wise
Smiley 78159 Gonzales
Smithville 78957 Bastrop
Smyer 79367 Hockley
Snook 77878 Burleson
Snyder 79549 Scurry
Snyder 79550 Scurry
Somerset 78069 Bexar
Somerville 77879 Burleson
Sonora 76950 Sutton
Sour Lake 77659 Hardin
South Bend 76481 Young
South Houston 77587 Harris
South Padre Island 78597 Cameron
South Plains 79258 Floyd
Southlake 76092 Tarrant
Southmayd 76268 Grayson
Spade 79369 Lamb
Spearman 79081 Hansford
Spicewood 78669 Travis
Splendora 77372 Montgomery
Spring 77373 Harris
Spring 77379 Harris
Spring 77383 Harris
Spring 77388 Harris
Spring 77389 Harris
Spring 77391 Harris
Spring 77380 Montgomery
Spring 77381 Montgomery
Spring 77382 Montgomery
Spring 77386 Montgomery
Spring 77387 Montgomery
Spring 77393 Montgomery
Spring Branch 78070 Comal
Springlake 79082 Lamb
Springtown 76082 Parker
Spur 79370 Dickens
Spurger 77660 Tyler
Stafford 77477 Fort Bend
Stafford 77497 Fort Bend
Stamford 79553 Jones
Stanton 79782 Martin
Staples 78670 Guadalupe
Star 76880 Mills
Stephenville 76401 Erath
Stephenville 76402 Erath
Sterling City 76951 Sterling
Stinnett 79083 Hutchinson
Stockdale 78160 Wilson
Stonewall 78671 Gillespie
Stowell 77661 Chambers
Stratford 79084 Sherman
Strawn 76475 Palo Pinto
Streetman 75859 Freestone
Sublime 77986 Lavaca
Sudan 79371 Lamb
Sugar Land 77478 Fort Bend
Sugar Land 77479 Fort Bend
Sugar Land 77487 Fort Bend
Sugar Land 77496 Fort Bend
Sullivan City 78595 Hidalgo
Sulphur Bluff 75481 Hopkins
Sulphur Springs 75482 Hopkins
Sulphur Springs 75483 Hopkins
Summerfield 79085 Castro
Sumner 75486 Lamar
Sundown 79372 Hockley
Sunnyvale 75182 Dallas
Sunray 79086 Moore
Sunset 76270 Montague
Sutherland Springs 78161 Wilson
Sweeny 77480 Brazoria
Sweet Home 77987 Lavaca
Sweetwater 79556 Nolan
Sylvester 79560 Fisher

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