Friday, February 19, 2016

11 Marketing Tips that Notaries SHOULD NOT READ if...

If you don't want your business to take off, do nothing. Ignore this post. These are tried and true marketing strategies that will cause your phone to ring! Don't do them if you don't want more business!!!

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TIP 1 - Maintain a Google+ page for your notary business.  I get daily calls from people who have seen my listing on Google+.

Get eight little gifts for $6.11
TIP 2 - Send your best clients adorable gifts like these "sign here" stickies.  Cut these apart with scissors and drop one pad into an envelope with a note of thanks and appreciation for their business.

TIP 3 - Join and list that you are  a mobile notary in your profile.  Once you join, do a one-time introduction of yourself and that you are a mobile notary to everyone who lives nearby. Contribute helpful information and be a good neighbor so you'll not be forgotten. is the best way to keep up with what's going on in your neighborhood.  If you lose a pet, your neighbors will help you search.  If someone is breaking into homes or cars near you, you'll know it!  It's a GREAT resource.

TIP 4 - If you are a Texas notary:  Get listed in a directory that I'm working on to share with my  contacts and friends who are seeking notaries daily to handle notarizations.  Step One is to join the Texas Notary Professionals Group. Step Two is to get your listing at

TIP 5 - List your notary business in Express Update U.S.A. - Why?  Because this listing service provides information to:
  • The top Internet search engines (accounting for 98% of all U.S. searches)
  • 85% of large public libraries
  • The leading in-car navigation systems
ExpressUpdate U.S.A. will get your name into mobile device navigation systems and more!

Do a marketing blitz with playing cards.
"Don't Gamble!  Call a pro!"
TIP 6 - Run a "Don't Gamble!" campaign - Send your best clients an economy deck of cards.  On the outside, apply a label that says "Don't gamble with your client's loan documents.  Call a professional! xxx-xxx-xxxx."  I can't tell you how many clients I've bonded with by giving away decks of cards.  They love getting cards.

TIP 7 - Give your give your mechanic a stack of your business cards when you take your car in for a tuneup.

TIP 8 - Leave business cards with your doctor's office next time you are in for an appointment. The same is true for your dentist and pharmacist.

     Who doesn't enjoy seeds
   they can sprinkle into a pot?
TIP 9 - Drop by your local hospital with business cards in hand. Go early and leave a few business cards with the volunteers who are accommodating the family members of patients who are having surgery.  Check in with the medical records office.  If you are really feeling ambitious, take a nice warm box of fresh donuts to the nurses in the emergency room. 

TIP 10 - Be memorable!  Distribute forget-me-not seeds with a business card stapled to the package.

TIP 11 - Include the cities, zip codes, and counties you cover in your website content. If you are from Texas, I've made it easy for you, find your coverage area in these lists. Copy and paste the cities' names, zip codes, and counties you cover into your website. You'll get more hits from Google!

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