Saturday, February 20, 2016

Every Saturday and Sunday My Phone Blows Up...

Just now, a man from Huntsville is looking for a notary.  I had two calls yesterday for medical records litigation work, plus a gentleman needing a mobile notary, and my inbox and text messages will go off like crazy tomorrow for last minute notarizations before Monday starts the school week and spring field trips.

I do what I can, but this weekend, I'm going to be Granny.  I'm about to leave to go meet my kids at Repka's Grocery (Cajun food in Brookshire) and kick off a family weekend.

If I had notaries in my area to refer work to, I would love that.

Become a part of the Texas Notary Professionals Workgroup and let me send some of my business your way.

Interested?  Send an email to  You'll get an auto-responder immediately telling you all about it.

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