Sunday, February 14, 2016

HOT TOPICS - New Laws, Proposed Laws 2015/2016

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Proposed laws:

Proposed Rules:

Virginia - Signing Agents May Be Affected - ACT NOW (Before 2/16)

New Laws:

Illinois Notary Public e-ApplicationAuthorized Illinois SOS to create an online application process.

Montana - Administrative Remote Notarizations
Authorizes Montana notaries to perform remote notarial acts.

Texas - HB 1683 – Relating to Notary Public Identification Number
Seals will now have notary commission numbers.

Texas - SB 1726 – Electronic Notarization (relating to Texas Family Code)
This bill added Section 406.026 to the Texas Government Code Chapter 406.

Texas – HB 2573 - Deceptive Trade Practices (includes Notaries Public)
Notaries are performing deceptive acts or practices if they use notario, etc. on advertising materials.

Texas – HB 2235 - Relating to Eligibility Requirements of Notaries Public
Clarified Section 406.009 of the Texas Government Code about commission revocations.

Texas Administrative Code Rule 87 has been overhauled.
Click the link to see changes.

Virginia - House Bill 1562 and Senate Bill 814 - Electronic Identity Management Act
Keep an eye on standards for technology that will be established under this act.
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