Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Marketing Tip - Use Google+ to Boost your Visibility -- it's so easy!

Blogging and using Google+ to "+1" your own posts will make Google like you better.  Start using Google+ to show off a little bit.

Search engine optimization isn't rocket science, but it's also not the easiest thing to learn and perfect, especially for busy notaries.  Using Google+ is one quick and easy way to boost your visibility on Google searches.

In case you are missing the point, here it is one more time:

If you want to turn up on the first few pages of a search on Google, start using Google+. 

Every time I make a blog post, I "+1" myself.  I'm out there doing this all alone, but it's working like magic.

The screenshot on this page shows the results on the first page of Google results when I type in "notary news" (with or without the quotes).  Wow!  I'm a contender with the NNA, and that's amazing to me.

We've got a saying in Texas that "a blind hog will find an acorn every now and then."  That's what happened to me with Google+.  I'm so tickled with this bit of insight that I can't keep from telling you, even though I'll be leaking one of my best trade secrets for success.

This article explains why I'm able to boost my ratings even though I'm the only one using +1 on my blog posts.

7 Benefits of Using Google+

Why should you create a Google+ business profile? Well, it is owned and operated by Google of course. And as a generalization, like YouTube and Google Places for Business, Google+ profiles do have some perks in getting ranked/indexed by Google. You increase the odds of getting highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results if you have a Google Plus account.  READ IT ALL

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