Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You look so young to be 75!

Do you think about the client’s birth year when you are checking an ID? A birth year is as important as the client’s ID photo because it describes how old the client should look.


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This is a critical clue when identifying signers and that’s why this topic is getting an entry all to itself.

Challenge yourself to mentally gauge every signer’s age, and then, see if the signer’s birthdate on the ID makes the signer about the right age. If those don’t match, you’ve got a problem!

For those of you who are not quick at doing mental math, keep a chart handy in your journal that calculates the signer’s age for you.

You can make a chart like the ones in the graphic below using a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Docs. (Clicking on the Google Docs link will take you to my own spreadsheet that you can copy and paste into a spreadsheet of your own.)

All you need to do is to create a simple formula to have a spreadsheet calculate the age for you.  The formula is [current year]-[signer's birth year cell reference].  In the example above (click on it to enlarge), the formula for the outlined cell is "2016 - D4."  The cell below it is "2016 - D5" and below that is "2016 - D6."  You get the picture!

If that sounds like more work than it's worth, print out my chart from the Google Docs link.  I haven't tested the link while not being logged in, so if you find that there is a problem with it, please email me at texasnotarypublisher at gmail dot com.

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