Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fill in your Calendar with Transcription Work (Part II)

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Last night's blog entry about legitimate transcription work that you can do from home ended with promises to answer a few questions. Let's get right to it!

What companies hire brand new transcriptionists to work from home?
I didn't know the answer to that because most don't start in the legal transcription field like I did. I found a well-respected source that says the companies below will hire you if you can pass their tests.

Unique sites at which you should look.
Many transcriptionists like these because of the short jobs offered that can be wedged into almost any busy schedule.

  • is an online company that I recently found. It seeks transcriptionists to listen to audio recordings of children reading.  Each recording is very short. The site claims that once you've got the system down you can earn $10 to $15 an hour performing this valuable task for children and teachers.
  • Mechanical Turk (an Amazon company) frequently offers small transcription jobs that many transcriptionists use to build their portfolios.
General Transcription Mini-CourseWhere can you get training and certification to become a transcriptionist?

Transcription Anywhere offers an awesome free course for those who want to see if transcription is right for them. If you like that, you can pay only $97  to enroll in Level 1 and gain a significant start on learning transcription skills from a recognized expert who owns Zoom Transcription. It's great that Transcription Anywhere allows you to dip in a toe and test the water before you jump into the pool!

How much does transcription pay at first?

If you are considering this as a side source of income because you have free hours to fill, transcription is a good, way to learn a valuable and needed skill. You won't have to leave the house, you won't have to pay for supplies, and your car won't be accumulating high mileage, so what you earn is profit minus taxes. But don't expect that you're going to make big bucks at the start.  That won't happen.

How much you earn will depend on how dedicated you are to building your skills. Transcription companies usually offer a certain amount per audio hour or minute. Keep in mind that you'll be typing what you hear and you can't type as fast as people talk.  Companies that will hire you at the beginning of your transcription career will offer around $10 to $30 per audio hour.  You won't make that amount per hour.  In fact, it will be about one-third to one-fourth of that while you learn how to transcribe.  But, if you aren't earning anything else during a few hours a day, why not learn a valuable skill and get paid for it?

What can be earned later?

As you gain transcribing skills or train to become a transcriptionist, your hourly rate will begin to jump just because you are getting faster.  With experience, you'll find better paying companies are willing to hire you.  As you expand your portfolio, you can start marketing to better clients--they ARE out there (take a look at this list) and if you start looking looking for clients on or other freelance sites, there won't be a middleman brokering your services,  You'll begin to pick up steady clients.  If you have one or two of those, you'll be set. Transcriptionists can earn $21 per hour and more once they have become skillful. A few hours a day can turn into $1,000 or more per month.  I don't know about you, but that's worth getting up early and transcribing a little while before the day starts in my world!

Where can I get more information?  - the free go-to forum for general transcriptionists; the atmosphere is so calm you can almost hear classical music playing in the background.  (Calm in a good way, I mean.)
Freelance Transcription Road - this blog had me at "Welcome!" Blogger Janis Bennett is a star in her profession and she is the one who put the newbie company list together that I've included at the top of this article.
Work at Home Mom (WAHM)- the first website of its kind that I remember. This website is full of ideas on how to earn money while working from home and its members share experiences openly.

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