Thursday, March 17, 2016

Consumer Article: How to Get a Notarized Copy of a Driver's License (if a notary says he or she can't do that)

This post isn't for notaries, it's for members of the public who are seeking a notary to notarize a copy of a driver's license.
One of the things I commonly run into are clients who need notarized copies of their driver licenses or passports.  Unfortunately, that's not doable for many notaries because of state laws.   In Texas, the Secretary of State recommends that we allow the client to write a statement about the driver license copy and notarize the statement.

Notaries are NOT allowed to provide this statement for the client.  That would be the unauthorized practice of law.

I prepare a lot of "notarized copies" for a sector of the population needing visas.  The form below which is one that I have gotten from a visa service. I have used this form personally and for several visa applicants. It has worked fine for me and them.

Visa preparation services recommend that the notary's seal be on the same page as the copy.  Using the text below, you can manipulate an image of the driver license into the area noted below. The notary's seal, your signature, and the copy are on the same page. This form would work for TEXAS notaries, but other states MAY require different wording in the notary's certificate (at the bottom where it says "SWORN TO and subscribed before me...").  If not in Texas, you'll need to find an example of the notarial certificate called a "jurat" or "verification upon oath" and replace that text.   You should probably just find a notary, ask him or her what the words need to be, and make that substitution for the jurat.

I am not a lawyer, and I don't play one on television.  Use of this form is at your own risk.   You can download a fillable PDF form with the same disclaimer  here.  

(You can also access one for a notarized copy of a passport here.)


State of _______________                    §

County of ______________                   §

On this day personally appeared before me ___________________________, “Affiant” herein, who after being sworn upon his or her oath stated:

“My name is __________________________________________.  

I swear upon penalty of perjury this is a true and accurate copy of my driver’s license issued by the State of _________________, the original of which is in my custody. My current address is shown below on the copy of my driver’s license.


                                         IMAGE OF DRIVER LICENSE

Affiant’s Signature:         _____________________________________  Date: ______________ 

Affiant’s Printed Name:   _____________________________________

State of _______________
County of ______________

SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me on this ____ day of _______________, ____ by ___________________________.

NOTARY PUBLIC, STATE OF _______________
NAME PRINTED: _________________________

COMMISSION EXPIRES: ___________________

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