Thursday, March 10, 2016

Marketing Tip: Make Your Own Notary Stamp

What makes a good marketing give-away for notaries?

The best marketing pieces for making you and your notary services memorable to clients or potential clients are those that
- Don't cost $250 to buy the minimum amount
-Are kept in a desk drawer or purse because they have actual value to the people you send them to
-Are seen regularly or thought of as an item of value making YOU also valuable and memorable!

Step 1 - Make a "notary stamp" at

So, am I telling you to send a postage stamp with your picture on it to a client?

Yes, I am! Send clients or targeted clients custom made postage stamps on the outside of colorful envelopes. When they open the envelope, they'll be delighted that you sent them a real postage stamp.  Each recipient will hang onto this little item appreciatively for that inevitable moment when they need to send something by snail mail.

Step 2 - Color coordinate this easy marketing
campaign with brightly colored envelopes.
Your targeted client
WILL like this little gift.
WILL appreciate that it's useful and unique
WILL keep it in his or her desk and remember that it's there if it's needed.
WON'T toss it in the trash can
WON'T put it in a pen holder and never use it
WON'T give it away

Easy to do...
Step 3 - Match your paper clips
with the envelopes and stamp design.

1-Make your own notary postage stamps using (a site recommended by the USPS).

2-Apply them to the outside of  colorful, attention getting envelopes as postage. Under your return address, include a tagline like:
"1st Class Notary Stamp Enclosed!"
"Enclosed:  1st Class Stamp from a 1st Class Notary"

3-Use one of your freshly minted notary postage stamps to mail the item and include another inside of the envelope.  Attach the gift-stamp to your business card with a colorful paper clip.


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