Thursday, March 3, 2016

Seven Reasons I am Writing About Other Types of Work on Occasion (Aside from notary work, I mean.)

I've written about transcription work in two articles, and I'm going to sandwich in other types of work that notaries can do besides signing agent and mobile notary work among my notary-focused articles.


Fill in your Calendar with Transcription Work

Part I and Part II


There are several reasons for that, but here are my top seven.

I'm practical. I have never put all my eggs in one basket and I like to have a variety of baskets! For most of my adult life, I have had more than one source of income.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart.  I see a problem and offer a solution...for a price.

Small jobs add up!  I've seen first hand that if I do short tasks for a fee, even those that I get paid small amounts for, they can be bunched into one-hour segments of time five days a week. Those add up to $500 - $1,000 by the end of the month.  Why leave free money on the table?

Clients, bosses, employers, and industries are fickle.  I like to work and I like to feel good about what I do.  I'm an extremely dependable and loyal worker and if I can't feel valuable to a boss or client, it's probably time to part ways and find something new.  I won't limit myself to being a drudge tied to one skill or desk.

Notary work is a wonderful business, but we have to be flexible and ready to change as the economy shifts.  Some states are creating laws to allow online webcam notaries to work in any states they please.  I feel like we should all be ready with another strategy (beside notary work) if the time comes. I'm a fan of notary work and I plan to stay in the notary business as long as it is profitable, but I want to be able to change my course if the time comes.

One way to keep a notary business profitable is by taking ONLY assignments that pay well. Notaries feel they can't be so too choosy if they have nothing else to do with their time, so they will take low-paying assignments from questionable clients. It's always good to be able to think, "Hmmm.  I can go do this (other type of job), earn a better profit, use little or no gas or paper, and keep my calendar open for my better clients."

Notary work is our first love, BUT as that fabulous 70s song by Stephen Stills says so wisely

"...if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with!" 

Hit the play button and enjoy!

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