Sunday, June 19, 2016

10 Tips for Making a Video Post on your Notary Website (Because Google Gets What it Wants)

Make sure you don't look like this.
Are you ready to make your notary website the favorite one in Google-Land?  I am!  I want my site to be easily found for notaries seeking notary news and how-to information.  Google favors blogs and websites with images and videos.

I put my nose to the grindstone and I have just finished making over twenty selfie videos.

Fortunately, I won't be posting them all on this blog! I deleted all except a couple of them.  As I learned one tip after another, I realized that rather than post a video that said "Hi, I am Brenda, and here's why I am posting this video...blah, blah, blah..." I would post a summary in ten tips of what I learned while trying so hard to make my first video on this blog.

Tips from Today's Personal Video Experience

Breaking news:   You always look crappy on the thumbnail...and, you should probably never say "stuff" in your video.  But, if you wait until it's perfect, you will never get it posted!!  

1. Set aside two to three (or four) hours to get your first one minute of video.
It will take time.  Hopefully, the tips below will save you a bit of time and you won't lose your entire afternoon. (I did.)

2.  You can probably use your smartphone camera.
My favorite camera for recording my selfie videos turned out to be a Note 3 that I kept as a spare after I purchased my Note 4 in September 2014. Although, I purchased a Canon PowerShot Model SX 710 HS for this purpose as well as for picture-taking while performing inspections, I prefer the Note 3 for selfie videos; the quality is great and the battery lasts.

The Canon is awesome for inspection pictures, but it doesn't allow me to see what the frame looks like while I am recording.  So, for now, I like my old Note 3.

3. Decide what to wear and don't look sleazy. 
You'll need to figure out what type of clothes look right for the video.  I figured out that the first top I wore looked nothing like the image that I wanted to portray. Oh boy...a little skin goes a long way on a video.  The top I chose originally is not revealing, yet when on video, the image was "Yuck, a sleazy grandma." and I was going for "This is a professional business woman dealing with 100-degree Texas Weather." I changed my top.

Canon PowerShot SX 710 HS
 (Great for Inspections, but not my
current selfie video choice.)
You may realize that you need to wear a different color, and you will also recognize that if you make several videos on the same day for use on different messages, you should probably change clothes.  One of my favorite bloggers said that he makes several video and audio messages on the same day.  It's more time efficient. I agree, but I wonder if he changes clothes!

4. Avoid scary makeup. 
You'll realize that you probably need to alter your makeup techniques a little bit because you will look dead in most of the videos.  Your eye shadow may look like you had it done by Bette Davis's makeup crew in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

5. Look up, not down.
Ladies, no matter how young you are, gravity is a cruel mistress. Position that camera above your vision line just slightly so you are looking up a little bit.  Otherwise, you'll see things in that video that will cause you to seek therapy.
Note 3 - Great for Selfie Videos

6. Turn the sound off on your cell phone (AND, your dryer, doorbell, dogs, etc. ).  
If you don't receive a call for two days or a visitor for a month, you will receive several of both while making your video.  Make sure your washer, dryer, and anything that makes noise is turned off.  My dogs slept through the afternoon, thank goodness, or I would have taken them for a playdate next door.

7. Don't provide video shots of your home environment.
Be safe and retain a degree of privacy.  Shoot your video in front of a bland backdrop that is not distracting.  I used my files.  The 'net provides a haven for odd birds who can become fixated on your material possessions or other things.  Sanitize and stage anything that will be in the video.

8.  If you can't get the quiet you need while at your home, try the car.
While the car isn't the best, it is better than the cacophony that makes up the sounds of my home at times.  I tried it out last week while sitting at Wal-Mart and it wasn't too bad.

9. Prepare by knowing the point you want to make. 
Make the point and quit.

10. Look at the camera lens, not your image on the camera.
If you are looking at yourself rather than the camera, it will be obvious and you won't make "eye contact" with your audience.

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