Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Day in My Wild Mobile Notary Life (Stick to your authorized duties!)

Several weeks ago, I received an assignment from a guardianship firm to provide mobile notary services.  First of all, the package they sent was not completely addressed and that delayed its delivery to me.

Next, I opened the package and found there was no contact information for the people whose signature I would notarize.  Five days ago, I called and left a message with the law firm and did not receive a call back.  Today, I called and left another message.

They called back and said the signers’ phone numbers were on the cover letter.  There was no stinkin’ cover letter!

Them:  Oh, yes, there was. 

Me thinking:  No…no there wasn’t.

I assured them I wanted the check attached to the documents and could not cash it until I completed the job and I needed the phone numbers so I could do that.   The cover letter was provided to me via email.  I have no idea what’s going on in this case, but there were two signers for me to track down, Mr. Man and Ms. Lady.

I guess that sometimes God allows the notaries in Heaven to play tricks on us, the poor mortal notaries.  

My head was spinning by the time I had set this appointment up.  

When I talked to Mr. Man, he said,

“My notary commission might have expired, am I just signing documents? Do I have to notarize anything?” 

Me:  No sir. I’ll just be notarizing your signature. (Thinking:  What??)

When I talked to Ms. Lady, she said,

“Bring your driver’s license so I can properly ID you!”

Me: Gladly, but I’m notarizing YOUR signature.

That confused her!  She thought she was going to get a notarial fee.

Got that quieted down and then…

More problems
Now that I’ve got the appointment set, I have more problems!!  I can’t sign this … Texas notaries cannot certify that that they took certain actions.  They can certify true/correct copies of documents, but this isn’t that.

I got a little bit of expert input on it. I have decided that I will certify this as an individual, but not as a Texas notary. 

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