Friday, June 3, 2016

Business Card Marketing Strategy for Notaries

Are you a new notary signing agent who wants to develop a list of mobile notary clients? Try this easy business card marketing strategy. If you work this plan regularly, you’ll find your mobile notary client list and referrals will grow!


1-Set a day and time each week for implementing this business card marketing plan. You’ll leave the comfort of your computer and spread your business cards throughout the area you serve. Don’t stop until you have visited at least five new business contacts (ten would be better).

2-Deliver a short business pitch to each new potential client you meet. For instance, you could say: Hello, my name is ___ and I own a mobile notary business. I started it six months ago because I saw a need to serve busy professionals in this area who don’t have time to rush out and find a notary when they need documents notarized.

3-Give each new contact a business card and ask for one in exchange. Once you leave the office, quickly note anything discussed during your conversation on the back of the card.

4-Send individual emails that evening or the next day to each person who gave you a card; thank him or her for the conversation and say that you hope he or she will refer you to others or call you when notary services are needed. Always include a coupon (good for the next month) in your initial email. Check the notes you made on the back of the business card and mention any points from the conversation.

5-Add those names and email addresses to a list that will become your client mailing list. When you send out emails to your list, never put all the names and addresses in the “To” section of an email because that will usually make recipients unhappy.

6-Use an inexpensive service like Your Mailing List Provider to ensure recipients can unsubscribe from your email list at any time. Put a link to your email list on your website and say that subscribers receive monthly coupons.

7-Try to find those new contacts on LinkedIn and ask to be added to their network; that’s another way to be visible to your potential clients.

8-Send a note out monthly to your list or start a simple monthly newsletter that has interesting content related to your service area (e.g., a monthly calendar of community events). Include a coupon that is good for a month and mention that it is a special coupon that only your subscribers receive.

9-Use this growing email list to send out greetings for all holidays and always include a special gift coupon for notary services for use during the holiday week.

10-Finally, always have your business cards with you leave your home or office. That includes going to your doctor’s office, the dentist, seeing your accountant, going to your bank, taking your pet to see the vet, visiting your child’s school, or even when you are at your local grocery store. Run through a quick business pitch, hand out your business card, and ask for one in exchange. Send individual emails to these contacts to follow up and, of course, add those contacts to your email list.

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