Thursday, June 16, 2016

Insurance Inspections this Week (after a ten year gap since the last one!!)

I shut down my inspection activities about ten years ago.  At the time, a signing service stepped in between me and the companies I inspected for, so I quit--not enough profit.  I had worked hard to grab the elusive ring that few achieve--the safety and loss prevention (insurance) inspection gigs that pay better.  It never happened...not one call until recently.

The go-to inspector in my area has apparently left because I am getting calls like crazy from a 12-year old ad. They are coming from all kinds of companies and places.

When the insurance deals starting coming around, I started saying okay--but, only with the agreement that I would receive training and handholding through the entire process.  They did, I did and I'll be sharing the fun here as I get out of my writer's chair as called upon and hit the pavement more frequently.

I enjoy inspections.  Now, I know it sounds nuts that I like to go out and inspect when I could do nothing but write.  Inspections don't sound nearly as profitable or fun as writing for the AAN, but there are perks and I just like doing it. It's good to learn new skills and walk around a large building to measure it out in the sunshine.

I don't have a spare minute any more, but I am developing new thoughts, outlooks, and article ideas to make my writing more enjoyable for my readers.  I like that readers know I am not writing about things I know nothing of.

Also, it's not a bad idea for me to follow my own advice.  I say all the time that we shouldn't carry all of our eggs in one basket.  Baskets fall, catch fire, are eaten by bugs, or get dropped...sometimes your basket isn't the right kind or people just want a different kind of basket.  Basket fashion can change overnight!  

NOW, TOMORROW, I have to find two deponents in a probate matter whose phone numbers were not provided to me.  Grrr.

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