Monday, June 6, 2016

Internet Marketing vs. Notary Marketing - Neither works when the marketer doesn't pull the trigger.

Several years ago, I subscribed to the "BuzzBlogger's" email list. From the first email I received, I felt aggravated with Kim Roach, the adorable buzzing personality who writes and talks incessantly about increasing traffic to blogs and making them profitable.  Why aggravated? She was so persistent. She delivered marketing tips like clockwork. (Nobody likes somebody that's so darn good.)

I made my first purchase from her yesterday.  I read or heard her say on Thursday that she was selling her updated "Rolodex of Sources" in an already valuable and large package.

  I wanted the Rolodex of Sources, so I bought it! It's great and I am happy to get it.  I knew that she would have several sources in it this year that I needed--it would save me a ton of time on an important mobile notary project I'm working on.  So, yeah! I opened my wallet and bought Kim's Birthday Bundle that included her Rolodex of Sources.  Wow!  The list is quality information and high value to me.

Snake Oil Purveyors?
Some people think of internet marketers like Kim Roach and other 'net marketing specialists as snake oil salespeople.  They liken them to the ad in the newspaper or Craigslist that says:

How to Make $500 Using Free AdsFor More Info: 555-555-5555
Easy turnkey system.
Price: $100
 The person who calls and pays for the turnkey plan receives a set of instructions that say: 
Step 1 - Take out an ad in Craigslist that says:
How to Make $500 Using Free Ads For More Info: 555-555-5555
Easy turnkey system.
Price: $100

Step 2 - Do this again and again until you sell five systems.
Yep, that one is pure scam, and...yes, I think...

MANY 'Net Marketers Are Untalented Scammers!
But, hard workers like Kim Roach (plus Brendan Mace, and another favorite Darren Rowse that's on generate great information, how-to articles, and products each day or week. For instance, like Kim's famous Rolodex Sources that have been created over time and through experience-- a list that's quite amazing to me and saved me at least five hours on ONE project by not having to research some of proven sources on her list.  Kim doesn't sell it all the time, so it's a product that creates excitement when it's available.

 Notably, My Writing  Instructor is a 'Net Marketer and She's Brilliant...and a Writing Professional for the last 20 years. 
Getting a reader's attention is harder than ever! I've learned a great deal from my current mentor (through courses I am paying for). But, it's up to me to implement new ways to communicate with readers.  I have learned that internet marketers are usually the best at figuring out the newest trends.

How does this discussion about internet marketers apply to notaries?
The same principle is at work--about 99% of the people who read or hear tried and true strategies for building a business won't put them into action--too much trouble.

Here's a little secret:   I have been criticized for years by long-time notaries for giving away the tips that I do on marketing and building a notary client list. I'm not worried about it, though, no more than Kim Roach fears sharing her own secrets; the same is true for Brendan Mace.  I receive frequent calls from people who read my articles and blogs; they want me to tell them how to build a business and how to market their services. Usually, I do if it seems the persons asking are genuinely serious and will do the work.

Just like Kim almost surely knows that 99% of the people who have read her money-making secrets about internet marketing won't implement the tasks precisely as instructed to create new income, I know that 99% of notaries are not going to do what it takes to leave the computer and implement a marketing campaign in face-to-face visits.

Some would rather keep the status quo than change their work strategies.  It's important to realize that it's their choice or as a mentor/blogger, you'd feel terrible!  Many are interested, but few pull the trigger to DO it.

That's probably enough on that subject for now.  You'll see this post again, in a book.

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