Friday, June 17, 2016

I've Purchased, and a Few Others

I think is going to be so much fun.

My V-logging will start up soon to test what I have been told about Google's new love of video on websites.  I'm working on what that should look like.

Relax, y'all. It  won't be just me, a talking head.

Search engine optimization has become the most compelling thing I have read up on lately.  I'm obsessed with it. Then, there's learning to code a little with php and mySQL.  I'm also quite interested in developing better internet marketing skills and how to design campaigns that can help notaries...or if such a thing exists.   Oh, and  social media!

I need to calm down.

There's a whole pack of kids living right here in Texas who call me Granny. I should act my age (which is 38, of course) and I need to go bake cookies or knit something and stop thinking about when I was younger and Perl was the go-to and apps were called programs.

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