Friday, July 1, 2016

From the AAN's Facebook Page - Annual Reminder that Furbabies & Fireworks Don't Mix

Annual Reminder:  Furbabies & Fireworks Don't Mix 

Every year, the AAN and I push  hard to remind the AAN's FB fans about how fireworks and furbabies don't mix.

Almost Lost a Tiny Little Dog a Few Years Back

Several years ago, my son's girlfriend was attending a family function.  The fireworks started and this tiny little baby of about four pounds ran away as fast as she could into the woods.

I was heartsick, and the pup's sweet little mom was even more devastated.  Little Lacey was located several days later hungry, thirsty, and scared.  I will never forget that terrible night or the days that followed.

Please, please share the message!

 You can go here to the AAN's Facebook page to share this,  or you can share this page by cutting and pasting a link.  A similar message is posted here on my blog.

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