Thursday, August 11, 2016

Be Happy - Trust your Gut - Learn New Skills - Diversify!!

This is a habit that I have practiced for 20 years and it has always paid off:

My Secret Formula for Success

If you see a tedious task or project that everyone else hates doing, learn it, love it, and become the expert.  

Things will change!

There is one thing that you can always depend on in this life:  things will change.
About eight years ago, the AAN asked me to write a few articles for a newsletter.  I accepted the opportunity gratefully and wrote hundreds of articles during the better part of a decade that I worked for the AAN.

Those years passed quickly.

I felt it was time to move forward a few weeks ago.

Onward and upward!

At my age, that should not be an easy step to take! 

But, I guess that when you live with 50,000 college kids, and work part-time on a campus, age just isn't a big deal--or, MAYBE I've got early senility and don't realize that I should have been fretting the last few weeks! But, I haven't had time.

Let me back up to January--I was obsessed with Bootstrap and PHP in January.

Just for grins,  I decided to learn something new. Several other things happened, and earlier this summer, with a renewed understanding of PHP and Bootstrap, plus getting my mind right about SQL and a little expert phone help,  I was able to build a nice place for Texas notaries to hang their hats.  We are still in the testing phase, but I have not been unhappy with the Google rankings I'm getting,  and I'm working hard to learn Google Analytics so I can keep it where we need to be.

Texas Notaries - Join us!

Grab a listing!

Oh! And, out of the blue, field inspection companies began calling.  

Yes!  I said "Yes!"

I'm out there inspecting like a boss!  Like I never stopped.  It just makes you feel good (or a little silly) to get out there and do things with your hands and walk around like you are somebody important with a big ol' tape measure, or a camera...or a measuring wheel.

It even feels good to be manhandling that tape measure out in the blazing Texas sunshine! (If you have a sharp wit, there's always plenty of fodder for humor when you do field inspections!)

Getting Started in Field Inspections--how? 

I got that question from one of the members of the Texas Notary Professionals today.   I know that many are interested.

I will write more about getting  into the business in another article very soon, but I'm going to wrap up this one by suggesting that you go to this website if you want to get into field inspections:
Start there!  Be sure to get your free ad in the directory!

The busier I get, the busier I get!

I was asked about taking on more work and if I was interested last week.  I received a 90% sure confirmation on that today.  I'll be very busy again!

A few tips in closing.

  • Cultivate happiness.
  • Be kind to people.
  • Like working and do work you love.
  • Trust your gut.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Diversify your skills.
  • Be ready for change.
  • Embrace opportunities.

Many thanks to you for reading my blog!


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