Monday, August 22, 2016

Excellent Texas Notary Secret!

Stars, banners, and music please!!  

Introducing THE BEST Texas Notary Handbook...

Notably, it is certainly missing the latest info about a Texas notary's commission number being on the seal, and the new administrative rules, BUT, otherwise, it's a wonderful tool - get it while it's hot, FREE, and still available!

This is the best notary handbook money can't buy!

It's free, short, to the point, succinct, and not-someone-talking-to-you-like-you-are-five-years-old.

THIS is the notary handbook that I would write for Texans.  Great job Atkinson Brothers!
[By the way,, if you need this updated, I can probably do it in about one day and I won't charge you for it.  I work full-time for a Texas A&M agency and will need a few days to get to it, but it's something well worth doing ----- it is awesome. Thank you.]


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