Monday, August 22, 2016

Meanwhile, Back in College Station, Texas: One Townie's Solution to the Traffic of 65K Students

As a mobile notary in College Station, Texas, you have to get smart about the fall influx of traffic.

I have been doing this for years and it will reduce 80% of your traffic frustrations, especially on campus.
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-Purchase a coaching whistle

-Drive with your windows open.

-Wear white gloves and a checkered hat of any style or color.

This is where the white gloves work wonders! 

When you leave your home or office, drive slowly through town or campus blowing the whistle and shooing people out of your way.

If there is ANY hesitation, point to the checkered hat and throw up your gloved hands like they don't get it. If they are within hearing distance, grab your collar and say


[p.s. -- Please  remember that this is humor!  It's not meant to be legal advice rofl!]

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