Thursday, August 25, 2016

Notary Websites that ALL Notaries should have Bookmarked.

Best / Freshest Notary Forum -- Hundreds Post There Daily! Offers Great Listing Service!
Keep this list in your NOTARY TOOLKIT!

Articles You Won’t Read Anywhere Else! Great for Colorado Notaries

Fast and Fresh Social Media Chatter – 2000+ notaries

Most Consistently Accurate Articles and a TRUE non-profit Association

TRUE Non-Profit Association in Ohio - My Good Friend Roger Rill founded this non-profit association.  If you are in Ohio, you should join because it is the best in the state; Roger is a great mentor.

The best in Alabama!!  My dear friend Michelle Riley is making this the PLACE to be for Alabama Notaries!  GET INVOLVED!  You won’t believe what she is about to unfold!

One of the Notary Flagship Organizations (& Most Beat Up for No Good Reason Except that the NNA is a Business. Offers Industry Standard Signing Agent Courses. [One day I’ll write an article about this…yes, I’ve been guilty, too!])  The NNA offers the certification for notary signing agents that is considered the “standard” that title companies and others use

Owned by One of the Nicest Guys I Have Ever Met!!  Listing Service & Forum; Not Sure About Quality of Content in Forum

Terrific Blog/Blogger and Decent Forum

Listing Service & Forum; Not Sure About Quality of Content in Forum

Many Signing Agents Swear by Carol’s Courses

Keep up with my pages and you’ll have a little bit of what’s going on around the U.S. with notaries!  

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