Monday, August 22, 2016

What the Legal Eagles are Reading these Days: Pokemon Go, Kicking the Arses of Plagiarists, and More!! (Humor)

Four picks from a favorite website of mine:

Cootie Carrying Content Thieves

New law proposed to deal with the nonsense of cootie-carrying, lint-licking, stealing, thieving ninnies who use articles, songs, and images without permission.

No Privacy Protection for Sex Biznesses 

Guess what, y'all!  You need to be careful where you buy your finger cots and stuff these days. Businesses that sell sex devices and explicit materials don't have any more privacy than any other businesses do.

Ah, Pokemon...I miss the 80s and the 90s

Pokemon Go article about IP and a lot of important big words that make my head hurt, but gosh darn it, I liked reading about Game Boy...the 80s...were those the days or WHAT?!  I rocked that big hair.

Buy Burial Policies and Cyber Insurance 

Cyber Insurance. Proper precautions are the best at protecting data.  Fortunately, all the companies that are making SECURE VIDEOs about notarial acts have no worries (tee hee--that's what they say!).

But, just for zhitz and giggles, let me just throw this out there: For $200, "What is 'When the Russians get here and take over all of our cyber stuff, it won't matter if we have this?" 

The answer: Cyber insurance because our economy will be gone.  We'll all be wearing gray suits and living in dormitories.

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