Friday, September 23, 2016

Pull the Plug on Bad Clients - "Smart Money Says I'd be Better off Without You."

Do you think that Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea were notaries once upon a time?

Their song "Problem" makes it sound like they've had a few bad clients!

"Smart Money Says I'd be Better off Without You."

They tell it like we should be telling bad clients!


Bad notary clients cause stress!  

They will make you feel stupid for putting up with their late payments, belittling remarks about how they will penalize you, in how they disregard your schedule...their demands, admonishments, and tantrums.

  • Pull the plug on bad clients.  
  • Send them to voice mail.
  • Write them a letter letting them know you are done.
  • Or...send 'em a link to hear it for themselves.  

"I've Got One Less Problem Without You!"

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It's on YouTube - Ads Aren't Mine!

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