Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review :$50k to Sign Your Name (Notary Business Book)

$50k to Sign Your Name: A Definitive Guide to Becoming a Mobile Signing Agent 

Just a little example of the difference between gross and net. 
by Joe Cavallaro (Author), Marie Sidoti (Editor)

PROS - It's a book that will help a lot of folks know what to do to get a business moving forward. It's easy to read, chatty (I like!) and has lots of great insight about getting started quickly.

The price is affordable. I wish I would have written it! It is definitely worth the money, but PLEASE READ all of this review before rushing to buy it.

Joe is clear that he wrote the book to profit from sharing his experience. I approve of that!

I'm a writer and writers normally write to derive income just like notaries hope to notarize for profit.

He gives clear advice on how to get business by being a professional that is available and open for business. 


CONS - Just call me a dream killer! I'm used to being unpopular.

The $50,000 isn't what the notary makes; the $50K is gross, not net income. $30K - $35K is more accurate based on Joe's numbers of signings per month at the fees stated.

The fees Joe discusses aren't necessarily the amounts I would recommend.

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