Monday, December 5, 2016

Don't Be Socially Engineered and Used by Spammers This Season!

I am cynical enough that I don't type “Amen" on Facebook, unless I mean it and no one asked me to.   

I won’t “help out..."  by liking and sharing nonsense.  For instance: “This little child’s only wish for Christmas is to get a million LIKES on FB.”  It’s a fake.

I don't send anything I receive to ten “other beautiful women” ...or even five.  NO!  NOT EVEN ONE! 

I don't forward flowers...take challenges, or "keep the fun going" by saying that I'm pregnant.

Although I do love Jesus, I don't copy and paste on Facebook to show that I do.  Frankly, I don't think Jesus is needy and He probably doesn't want easy lip service (or cut/paste service). 

I just don’t bow to socially engineered guilt-infused spam that says I must “like” or do something to show my love for a family member, my beliefs, or that I appreciate the military guys and gals who have served our country.

When we do these things, we are often blindly contributing to spam spreaders.   The spreaders get liked and followed.   

I share and like what I really like or feel is worthy of sharing.


Brenda, Foxy, & Harry Stone

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