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How to Find Clients - New notaries, If you do this, you'll find work!

I have noticed that many new notaries have no clue how to locate work or clients.  Let's fix that! Here's a quick lesson on finding clients.

You'll Be Successful If You...

TAKE ACTION and put those entrepreneurial skills and traits to work!  Be driven, creative, and energetic.


I challenge you to read this and do it.

Mark my words:  Many will read, few will do and they will not be notary signing agents more than a few months.

Here's the way to jumpstart your business!

100 Companies Should Be Your Goal

You need to be signed up with at least 100 companies to get a steady flow of work.  You can't rely on Snap Docs or Notary Cafe to give you all the business you need.

You must constantly seek new notary signing service companies and sign up.

Place Profiles on Notary Listing Services

Notaries should establish well-written profiles on listing services. My favorite is Notary Rotary.  I have been a member there for more than a decade. Notary Rotary also has a list of companies plus their ratings of one to five stars.  The list is available to paid members; it is well worth the cost of a paid membership! 

Many notaries also swear by Notary Cafe, 123Notary, and SnapDocs.

NEXT...Find Companies to Sign Up With

While you are on scrolling around on Facebook, don't just visit!

Get busy and read through the postings looking for names of companies to work for you.  From now on, you should be collecting names of companies on a list!  Make all those Facebook groups you are in pay off!  Don't visit groups or forums without recording information about companies that the other notaries are discussing. 

How to Create Your Own Solid Gold Marketing List

This list will be your guiding light for years to come.

1) Open a Google Document in your browser or an MS Word document on your computer. Set up a table like the one below entitled "SIGNING SERVICE LIST."  You can also establish a spiral notebook in which to collect this information.

  • ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT METHOD - Google or Word documents are nice because they can be sorted by name of company or ratings. They can be updated as you learn more about them.

  • PAPER METHOD - If you choose to use a spiral notebook, it might be easier to use if you make a page for each letter (i.e., A, B, C.) and put the names of companies on the corresponding page.  That makes it easier to locate your notes on the company. 

2) Establish a rating system like the one below.

3) When you are scrolling along on Facebook, note the names of the companies you see and questions like "Hey, has anyone worked for Silly Signers?"   Grab your notebook or open your document on your computer and write "Silly Signers." Get the scoop.  Write any comments and rate each company on the date you find out about them. If you don't know if the company is good or bad, rate it as "6-TBD" for "to be determined."

4)  Google the signing service and get the link because you are going to need it.

5) Always keep your document or notebook nearby while reading forums and Facebook.  Collect company names daily.  If you don't have your notebook available, get a screen shot or picture with your smart phone.  Email it to yourself with a note to follow up.

6) Be sure to update your listing notes as you find new information about the company.

Example Rating System and List (PLUS Real Companies!)

Below are the sample table and rating system that I mentioned above. I collected these company names in about 20 minutes on forums and Facebook this morning so I could share them with you.
1-VG – Best rating – Excellent remarks located
2-OK – Okay – No great, but not major complaints.
3-OKLP – Pays timely but low pay.
4-LPSP – Pays low and slow
5-BAD – Bad reviews only
6-TBD – To be determined. Might be a great company – don’t know yet.


Highly Recommended
Highly Recommended
TN Notary gives props.
Highly Recommended
Decent offers, good remarks.
Nothing negative that I have found.
Low pay, but pays.
Being purchased by ServiceLink
Offers $80; nothing on timely pay.

How NOT to find companies to work for.

You could go on Facebook and ask people to tell you who to work for but you won't get responses very often. 

 Established notaries won't usually tell their best clients' names on social media. By giving out those names, they risk telling their local competition (usually new notaries) how to take away their work!  

It's likely that new notaries are watching to see what their biggest competitors are saying. Newly certified competitors often undercut them just to get the business and get started. Those notaries are often naive about pricing and costs of doing business. They think that bidding low and undercutting is a good way to get clients. Well, maybe you can get clients like that, but mostly it is a fast way to go broke.

Next Steps: Tracking Your Progress

1) You need to have another list to track your progress.  Make a tracker similar to this one.

Sally's Super Signers

 01/07 Called the company no answer but I left a message; 01/16 Talked to Sally; her email is  She said to email her on 2/1/17 for sure.

2) Set up a plan for following up. Here is a sample plan for contacting clients.

  • Week 1 - Sign up with the company.  
  • Week 2 - Follow up in a week with a phone call. Get an email address!  Note what the company said and who you spoke with.  
  • Week 3 - Follow up with an email.
  • Week 4 - Send another email.
  • Don't let them forget you!  Send emails on holidays and check in once a month!

Tip:  NEVER use the TO or CC box when emailing many companies at the same time. When sending out holiday greeting emails, always use the BCC box to contact your clients and those you hope to work for.

Tip:  When following up on your application, send each company a separate email.  Don't take any shortcuts. Personalize each email as shown below for contacting the person you are trying to reach.  

Dear Sally:  I hope you had a great weekend.
Just wanted to say Thank you so much for taking my call the other day! I'm looking forward to working for Sally's Super Signers in Home County (Home, Texas) where I live.
Have a great day! 

Your Name

Not going to say "Good Luck"

I'm going to say GET BUSY!  That's what will bring you a ton of good luck!

Thanks for reading!

Brenda Stone
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