Monday, December 19, 2016

Notary News Glimpse || Notary Closer Lawsuit || Go & No Go on e-Mortgages || Landman Fakes Notary Seal

Have a glimpse at notary news around the country this morning.

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Nationwide Equities Corp.'s Files Lawsuit Against NY Attorney for Using Notary Closers

Nationwide Equities Corp, a mortgage broker/lender is suing New York attorney Mark Matiash over claims illegally took legal fees and then sent notaries to mortgage closings after agreeing to send an attorney.

Nationwide Equities Corp. said Mark Matiash had notaries cover for him at most of the more than 200 closings he accepted.

Nationwide revealed that attorneys receive approximately $995 per closing.  Read More ( // Subscription Required.)

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Go & No Go on e-Mortgages

Not Going...
As I have told several notaries recently, the industry isn't ready to go forward with e-Anything just yet.  On  it's reported that Challenges Remain to Widespread Implementation of e-Mortgages;  While the article says (and I agree) that Granny can be held at gunpoint in a face-to-face notarization as easily as on performed remotely via webcam, that's not the reason that  feet are dragging to put e-Mortgages into practice.  The biggest show stopper to mass implementation of e-mortgages performed remotely is fear of the unknown.  

Moving forward in Massachusetts, however is DocMagic Inc. which has announced that it has completed the mortgage industrustry's first comprehensive eClosing in Massachusetts.  The same was performed for Radius Financial Group, Inc.

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Fake Notary Seal Part of XTO Landman's Ride to Prison

In Texas, a good landman client can be gold. It's hard to find them, however. They find you. When they need you, they'll offer top fees to have you on call for an entire day or during an evening to notarize mineral lease documentation.

One landman will scoot into prison on January 4, 2017 after he created all kinds of fake deeds, fake addresses, a fake company, fraudulent oil and gas leases and lease packets and executed them with a forged notary stamp, according to court documents.  Perhaps the XTO landman in this story didn't want to pay notary fees!  Read the story here on the

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