Saturday, December 3, 2016

Soft Skills for Notaries (It's a lot like what your grandma taught you.)

Improving your soft skills is free.  

All it takes is a good look at the way your grandma said you should behave in public and how you should treat other people.  

Trying putting grandma's preaching into practice. 
My grandmother used to say:  

"You can catch more flies with honey (than vinegar)."

Flies, ugh, disgusting, Grandma!

The point is that kinder, softer words and certain behaviors are more compelling in business. Persons who know how to use those types of tools can win more often.  Their soft skills can trump education and experience when others are deciding whether to work with them. 

In this video, notaries will find many pointers.

If you prefer to see this presentation in a written format, you can find the manuscript here at the Texas Notary Professionals Blog

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