Sunday, December 18, 2016

Texas Notary News from Chilly Central Texas!!

Good Morning - It's Cold in Central Texas!

I'm drinking coffee and it's sure good!

Outside, it's around 29 degrees this morning.

All the dogs are still in bed.

Below are a couple of blurbs for the notary guys and gals in my great state!

Have a great day!  Brenda Stone

Free Listing for Texas Notaries

If you are a Texas notary, please don't
forget to get a free listing here:

Texas Notary Professionals


New Texas Notary Laws in 2017

Lately, I have done a good bit of posting about
the possibility of new laws in Texas.

That's just me trying to get you thinking ahead. How
rude of me!  It's the holidays and I am relentless!

Just a few notes in case I run out of time to post
in the next few days.

  • New proposed laws won't be filed until January 10, 2017.   
  • No new laws have been filed yet about anything, including remote notarization.

  • Want higher fees?  Right now they are at $6 for the first signature and $1 for the second signature.  They have not been raised in 20 years!!  Texas Notaries* interested in joining the effort by notary Tracee Jordan to look into higher notary fees should join our Texas Notary Professionals Facebook Group.  (* You must be a Texas notary to join.)
  • Remote Notary Laws Watch 2016 - 2017 - To preserve this website for the lighter side of notary news and  marketing, I have set up Remote Notary Watch 2016 - 2017.  All my research about remote notarization is being compiled there. 

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