Saturday, January 14, 2017

Do you say "Disabled Client"? Please don't.

It's better not to say "disabled people."

Just say "people."

Or "persons with disabilities."

For one person, IF it is necessary to refer to his or her disability say "a person with a disability."

"Special needs client" is one of the worst ways to describe your client.

Say "client with a disability" or "client who needed additional assistance."

Ask yourself before writing a Facebook post:
Is it even important to say "disability"? Maybe the word you are looking for it "CLIENT." Period.
(For more on this: )

Even if your laws contain those antiquated phrases, as long as you aren't quoting the law, please consider using modern syntax.

Is it always necessary to identify a person by his or her age, skin color, political leanings or disabilities? No!

Out with that old school stuff. We aren't our grandparents.

Write like it's 2017. Write like YOU want to be, think, and act. Write like the person you aspire to be. It will change your life!

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