Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Four More States Propose Laws to Advance Remote Notarization (Using Webcams / Smart Phone Technology)

To the list of Montana and Virginia, states in which notaries may use webcams to perform notarial acts, add proposed bills that are favorable to remote notarization from the four states below:

Oklahoma HB 1366
Authorizes a notary public to perform an electronic notarial act by means of audio-video communication.

Washington SB 5081 (Introduced 1/12/17)
Allows the Department of Licensing to adopt rules as to what constitutes personal appearance before a Notary.

Nebraska LB 388 (Introduced 1/13/17)
Authorizes remote notarizations through video and audio conference technology.

Indiana SB 539 (Introduced 1/17/17)
Authorizes remote notarizations through audio visual communication technology.

Source:  NASS.org

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