Friday, January 27, 2017

Remote Notarization Bill Proposed for Texas--Notaries, let's use this to our advantage.


An electronic and remote notarization bill has been filed. Click here to read it...BUT FIRST:

 Let's think about this.

 Let's think before we act.

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Can we use this bill to our advantage?

We can't fight it we even want to?

Because FannieMae and FreddieMac are not opposing it, remote and electronic notarization will happen in the lending industry. 

Here's what is going on in my head:

We can either be ready, or let Virginia notaries become the U.S.A.'s notary signing agent service providers.

It's going to be a few years before lenders are 100% ready, in my opinion, based on what I have read.

But, lenders know it's coming.

One way or another stricter e-notarization will happen in Texas.  So is remote notarization.


What would happen if we didn't oppose the bill and rather supported it as long as we got a long overdue raise in the process to help us NOW?  We haven't had a raise in over 20 years. 

What next?  You can bet that scary emails are coming.

The notary suppliers don't want to see a drop in supply sales.

Watch your email inbox.

You're likely to get an email that will be an attempt to scare you into taking action against the bill.

They will say it is for your own good.

The truth is that they can't allow their ink, stamp, and journal sales to go down.

Opposing this bill is about their SALES.  It's not about us.

I would propose that rather than help supply sellers fight the bill  and help them keep sales of ink, stamps, and journals flowing, that notaries consider supporting the bill but leverage a much needed increase in traditional paper notary fees.

I said CONSIDER supporting it.  Let's think about it before we act.


Don't be afraid -- be SMART.

If you are reading this, don't be frightened, be smart.  Use this to your advantage.

My thinking is that we either act now, or lose the opportunity.

My email list isn't vast enough to reach  more than about 1,000 Texas notaries -- supply sellers have hundreds of thousands of notaries in their email lists.

So, this is a long shot.


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