Monday, February 13, 2017

Poor Notaries

Don't buy into the "poor notary" mindset.

It victimizes you.

But, it's a super marketing ploy.

Companies and people who want you to believe they are the only ones helping you will tell you this.

Poor notaries.

They hardly make any money.

Poor notaries.

We are the only ones who we sell them another $150 worth of stuff they can't use right now.

Poor notaries.
They don't have a clue that they can negotiate their fees! Let's offer them a lot less.  If he won't take a low fee, we can find one who will.  (Supply of notaries is up and demand for notaries is down because of lower numbers of loans due to rising interest rates.)

Poor notaries? Seriously?

Pretty soon,  we believe everyone is against us!!

Poor notaries, my blankety-blank!!  

There are millions of us.

We should be running the U.S., but we are satisfied to let other people define us as poor notaries.

There are nearly half a million of us in Texas alone, yet only 87 at this moment have signed a petition  to raise our fees.  That's why we are poor. 

Right now you can do five  things that are FREE to improve your income.

1) Texas notaries:  SIGN THIS PETITION  to raise our fees to $10 per notarial act;  SHARE ON YOUR WALL.


Kathleen R. drafted the petition and is ready to talk to her lawmakers.  I have contacted mine and we are working with Robert O. to get form letters ready to go for you to contact yours.  We need more signatures.

2) Accept that loan work is down. 

No big deal. Get busy making money while you wait for it to come back up.

3) Aim to build a mobile notary business. 

Make twice as much per hour on your OWN schedule - cash up front.

4) Read this article: 

Seven Steps Toward Making Money in the Next 30 Days

5) Get on the right lists!

In addition to the lists for notary professionals online, try these for quality ideas and business boosting.

a)  Out of Texas or in Texas - Join my email list 
b)  If in Texas, grab a free listing on Texas Notary
c)  Join Notary Side Gigs.  One of the members is making more staying at home than she ever did while working a full-time job.

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