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Notary Snake Oil Salesman Repellant

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Be smart.

There are websites where you can get products and services that will benefit you.  There are some that are nothing more than Snake Oil!

I endorse these:

Professional Associations  Hands-down the best service and quality.
National Notary Association (NNA) Oldest and largest notary company/association in U.S.

Supplies Hands-down the best service and quality

eJournals - Reputable founder.  Don't put signer private info in jeopardy. NotaryAct's website is safe and secure and founded by a New York lawyer, not a person in a third world country.

Texas Notary Course
Phyllis Traylor - Instructor Hands-down the best service and quality

Training & Certification (Signing Agent) 
National Notary Association(NNA) Oldest and largest notary company/association in U.S. Long time in the biz. All companies accept their background check and certification. They will require you to do it annually to remain active. Carol Ray teaches via video. Many swear by her courses.

Business Training
Small Business Development Center near you.

Great Notary Bloggers
Jerry Lucas - ABC Legal Docs
Tim Gatewood

Snake Oil Salesman Repellant
Send me an email if you run across something that sounds too good to be true.  Read my blog (this one)  I will tell you the truth.  I don't have a thing to sell to you.

A lot of notary snake oil is being sold!

Snake oil is a product or service that always sounds miraculous, but it doesn't really deliver what you think it will. A snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent courses, services, and goods -- they are frauds and con artists.

  • If you are receiving offers to be mentored personally for a fee, ask yourself if that person is an expert notary signing agent (or a mobile notary) and why do you think so?   Are you going by the claims this person has made?  Does that person have credentials?  My thinking is if the person is that much of an expert, he or she should be too busy to teach one-on-one mentoring.
Could it be that the offer of  private mentoring or coaching services is the result of that person being short on cash and not working enough? 
  • When it comes to courses, ask yourself if the marketers promoting their website offerings have enough work?  Or, are they promoting their latest courses because they have no work? 

In all cases above, the answer is almost ALWAYS that the person needs to generate more income.


  • There is NOT enough work to go around these days.  
  • You can't get wealthy being a notary.
  • The Notary Snake Oil Salesmen and Woman know that the best way to make money right now  is to sell information to notaries or to broker their services and pay them ...then, when you have enough money to pay them, you can.  Keep their money for 90 days...let the notaries do without while they wait.  Go on Vacay. 
  • Study how to market.
  • Learn about business plans.
  • Think about something you can do in addition to notary work that will not interfere with your notary business but will also bring in additional money. 
  • Don't look to others in the notary arena to tell you how to run your business.
  • The VERY BEST THING to do for yourself is go talk to a Small Business Development Center near you. 
  • Never share the names of your title company or litigation support clients in a Facebook Group or with a super friendly signing service...keep this secret until you REALLY know the person. 

Stay tuned.

My mom has been sick and I haven't had much time to blog.

I don't like flim-flam.  Let me know if you have seen any of that going on in your world.  

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Going to the NNA Conference in Dallas?  

Give me a shout, if you are. 

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