Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why Amber Mamacita Waybright has not been on Facebook lately...

Notice:  This article was not approved by Amber Waybright.

Some women talk big. Others just go do it big. 

I have seen nothing from Amber Waybright on Facebook for a long time.  Now I know why.  She's out making a difference with Lace, Grace, and Gears, a group that will help young women (girls,really) who were born into terrible lives this year:

"...800 women riders setting an American Record in Beaumont, Tx in 2016, and a big fat check presented to the Fisher House, a foundation that provides homes for military families during medical treatments. This year, we have selected Krause House as the beneficiary.

"Krause is a Resident Treatment Center (RTC) for adolescent girls (12-18) who have been through the Foster Care, JPD (Juvenile Probation Department), and CPS systems and have resulting traumas due to extreme neglect, physical or sexual abuse, or sex trafficking. During their stay, they receive on-site Therapy treatment."

These young girls have been through hell. Their facilities are in need, and THEY need to know that there are people out here who haven't forgotten them. As a mother, I can't FATHOM my daughter going thru some of the horrific things these girls have been exposed to. The Lace Grace & Gears Rally is how I will help."


Bootstrapping Woman

Amber Mamacita Waybright is what I think of as a bootstrapping woman.

She doesn't mince words in notary groups or give out cotton candy pillows to make the truth easier to settle into.  Or, at least she didn't.  We've lost her. Our loss is LGG's gain.

She handed out instructions on how to bootstrap yourself into being strong.

In our notary society, that made her unpopular.

Some notaries enjoying making bootstrapping business women like Amber Waybright seem like they are bad guys--the big meany, the enemy.

It is an opportunity to create an imaginary dragon.  They "slay" the dragon, and become a hero.  It helps them to look good.

I will cut off additional comments and observations right there.

This Latina  is the real deal.  Mark my words! 

She has the type of grit and character to change lives and inspire.

If you want to do something that matters for her cause, go to Lace, Grace, and Gears.  Click on "Contact" and ask how to help.

Do something today for a girl who needs a bootstrap.

If you don't know one, check out Lace, Grace, and Gears or visit their page on Facebook.

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