Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Beginnings of a Texas Notary's "How to Get Started Guide"

Many of your questions like "How do I get started now that I have my commission?" are answered in this little six-page guide.

It isn't very long, but it will help you get where you need to be a little bit faster.

Anyone is welcome to use it, but Texas notaries will appreciate it more than others.  This is one of the files we have in our Texas Notary Professionals group.

For the next seven days, you can download this thin guide.  I add to it as I have time to work on it.  Here's the current version right here:

Why just seven days?
Because I hope to have it changed and updated soon and sort of in a final form.

If you want to know about the newest versions as I complete them, you will need to add your email to my list.

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PS - I NEVER SAID I WAS A WEBMASTER.  If you find that you can't download the Dropbox link that I provided, please send AN EMAIL to Texnotary at  Please don't fuss on Facebook! :) Thanks. Brenda

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