Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Thinking and Fishing Like a Notary Marketing Genius

Your marketing strategy will make or break your notary business, so it's critical that you learn how to think strategically.  

You've got to perfect that aim and throw with all your might at the biggest target you can hit with the least amount of ammo.  

Your notary business depends on it!  

Make a list of each sector of the population you want to serve.  

Each of those will be a target.  

Don't try to hit them all at once!  You can't make a good dent that way.  

Think about fishing in a barrel full of hungry fish.

When getting your business started, that's where you want to aim first--the barrel...where a bunch of bored, hungry fish have been rounded up. 

In a situation like this, you'd be able to buy a $5 cane pole, a few worms, and every time you drop in a fat squiggly worm, it's darn near guaranteed that you can pull out fish after fish for very little money.  Heck, you don't even need the cane pole--just the bait, a friendly smile, and you can hook them with that! 

Suppose Your Target is Senior Citizens

What if you want to reach senior citizens to offer your notary services?  

What will your marketing strategy be? 

How can you reach the most seniors (all at one time) with your time and resources?

To many of my readers, this is a no-brainer--but for others, perhaps like yourself, you have never had to think like a business owner and build your own marketing strategies.  You have never had wear the hat of a Notary Marketing Genius.  However, now that you're depending on your own marketing to put bread on the table, you've got to think quick and build a client list. 

Perhaps this will help to oil the marketing cogs and you'll soon see the marketing brain machine grind out a few light bulb moments.  Then, you'll understand how to go fishing for the clients you need.

Are these the best strategies for reaching senior citizens?

  • Sending emails to all the parents of boys on your son’s baseball team
  • Handing out fliers at a car wash? 
  • Contacting your local Big Brother / Big Sister organization and ask to put your card on a bulletin board?  


Those are terrible strategies for reaching senior citizens.  

Well...let me back up and say that you might  connect with a senior by accident while aiming at those targets, but none of the methods above will reach seniors in bunches so you can concentrate your marketing efforts and get the most bang for your buck.

So, how could you reach seniors? 

Think about where senior citizens gather! 

  • Most churches have a program for seniors where they congregate.  You would be surprised how receptive those church gathering attendees are!
  • Naturally,  you could watch the local newspaper and community calendars for expos at which seniors will be targeted—maybe even get a booth. 
  • You should always go to Senior Citizen Day at the county fairs nearby and hand out your cards!
  • And, what about going to restaurant cafeterias on the days that seniors get a discount, just going from table to table to drop your card and tell them you’re a mobile notary in the area.

The best technique ever for senior citizens...

Coupons!  Seniors love coupons!

Always add a coupon to your senior citizen marketing -- for instance, the best with seniors (in my opinion) are $1 off,  $3 off, $5 off or whatever amount you prefer.  Put boldly stated coupons on your marketing materials and business cards that you give to senior citizens!  

Be sure to make them colorful and easy to read with an expiration date of at least a year away because seniors NEVER throw coupons away!!

Hopefully, sharing this strategy with you will help you to develop the skills you need to think and fish like a savvy notary marketing genius. 

Until next best to you, 

Brenda Stone

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