Monday, October 9, 2017

Marketing Article #2 - Email Marketing Tips for Notaries

Do you want to take your marketing to the next level?  

Here is what it takes: you need to have a plan for targeting clients and reaching them regularly. One way to do that is with email lists and regularly sending out information that is appealing and useful.

Email lists of clients and prospective clients are an small business owner's solid gold.

Sometimes, it takes knocking on doors and asking for business cards and doing whatever it takes to solicit email addresses from clients and prospective clients.

You'll never get more business than you reach out and grab!  

You won't get farther than $75 signings if all you do is sign up for $75 signing companies.

Once you understand the lay of the land in the notary business, you should come up with as many creative ways as possible to engage prospective clients and stay on their minds.

Tips for Notary Marketing by Email

1) Subscribe to an email list service so that you don't have to worry about spamming.

Every email you send should have an "unsubscribe" link or button.

On my blog is a tab for notaries to "Join the Email List." At that link, those on my email list can subscribe or unsubscribe.

I have used YMLP for several years. It's quite reasonable and has a ton of good features.

I also have an account with MailChimp which is actually free for small email lists...up to the first 2,000 email addresses, I think, and some other minor restrictions.  There are great features in MailChimp, too, but it is a little bit more complicated to me.

Either way, you'll have to do a bit of studying on how to make it do what you want it to do.

There are several other email lists around--fire up Google and see what you can find along those lines!

2) Email Etiquette

What you NEVER want to do is put a ton of email addresses in the "TO" or "CC" area of an email and blast everyone so that your recipients hate you for it.  The first thing that happens is that someone hits "REPLY ALL" and says "Take me off your email list!!!!" and then, that person, spams everyone on your list again.  Then, the whole list is angry, and saying the same thing and spamming one another.

Pretty soon, your email listers are sending you to the spam box or the trash, never to be seen again.

One of the rudest things that field service companies and signing services do is put all of their vendors in the TO section and send out a blast.

We hate that!

So do your clients. 

Finally, you may wonder about the "BCC" area.  That's better than the TO or CC areas, but you will not have an unsubscribe button or link, and you really do want that so you don't get yourself into trouble by spamming, and it's just looks better to have a subscription to an email list manager.

3) Building an Email List for General Notary Work

The following are tips on how to develop your general notary work email list.  In this list, you only want local people and businesses that you can serve as a mobile notary. (Signing agent work is different.  You should develop relationships with companies locally and across the U.S.)

-YMLP accommodates many separate email lists per account.  That's great because you will have different types of clients.  You might want to start a separate list for each niche you are serving or targeting so that you can customize your marketing emails to fit the interests of that niche. (Read more on niche marketing here.)

-For every general notary client you serve, ask for an email address. Write it down in the back of your journal, if you wish, and note the page number where the notarization occurred. Transfer the email address, and the first and last name of your client, to your computer or email list when you get home.  When you ask for the email address, tell them you would like to send a coupon, that you won't spam them, and that your email list is private.

You'll get some that hand it over, and some will say no.

-Send your general notary clients a coupon for XX% off as soon as you get back to your office.

Thank them for their business and tell them it was a pleasure meeting them.

Do the same for all of your prospective new general notary clients whose emails you have gathered.

-Your coupons can be for a percentage or dollar amount off.  Coupons should expire! You may want to make 12 coupons for the entire year and have them expire by the end of the month.  That way, you can send out another for the next month, and do so monthly. Think of other things that need to be stated on your coupons.  For instance, your phone number, email address, and "The bearer must advise of the coupon before setting up the appointment."

-Every holiday is an opportunity to use your email list and stay in the forefront of your general notary clients' minds!

-Yes, you lose a few dollars if a repeat client uses your coupon, but you build an email list.  And, if you read ANYTHING on marketing, you will learn that client emails are gold.

-When you go into an office to drop off your business card and solicit business, ask for a business card.  Follow up with an email.

-When a potential client contacts you by email, add them to your local general notary list or your signing agent client list as discussed below.

-Make a box on your website's home page where your local general notary clients can sign up for a coupon. You can do the same for notary signing agent clients.

4)Local Business Solicitation

In the case of local businesses that you want to email, you might have to go to the local chamber of commerce website, and get that list, then use a search engine to find each site and the email address for the business.

By subscribing to an email listing service like MailChimp or YMLP, you can send the email without being a spammer if you give the potential client a place to unsubscribe.  The cool thing is that if you send a coupon or something they liked getting that first time you make contact, they might just want to keep that monthly email coming. Otherwise, they can unsubscribe right off the bat.

5) Building a Signing Agent Client Email List

-Keep a separate email list for your signing agent clients. In fact, keep one for clients you target and clients you already have.

-Send your clients something once a month, at minimum.  Make it something THEY can use. Make it about THEM, NOT YOU.

Don't just send them a big ol' blurb about your business.

So, what can you send?

One of the most productive marketing campaigns I have ever run was when I sent an email with a link to all the NFL football games for the entire season.  At the link was a PDF and when downloaded, it had MY notary company name on it, of course.  I got a several new reverse mortgage clients that year from making contact with that NFL schedule.  (Unfortunately, the next year, I could not find another complete schedule to send out like the earlier year's had been.  I haven't tried to find that one again, so if you like the idea, GO FOR IT!)

I started that campaign with an email to clients and prospective clients telling them that I wished them a happy fall and may the best team win!  I gave them a link to the NFL football schedule that I had put into a document uploaded on my site as a PDF. They loved it. 

-Don't send coupons to your signing agent clients (at least I don't).

Wish them a Merry Christmas, tell them Happy Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, etc.

Send them something fun like the NFL schedule, or an email with good content that applies to them.  For instance, during the legislative months, send your signing agent clients information on proposed laws that may affect their businesses.

6)  FINAL POINT:   This blog was about YOU, not ME.

See how email marketing works?

I made a blog post that you can use.

It is actionable.  You can start using it today!

I didn't send you an email about ME, ME, ME. It was about you.

If I sent the following blurbs out to my blog readers and nothing else, NO ONE would read this blog!

Brenda Stone

Amazingly Brilliant Notary News Blogger writes

"I am such a great notary blog writer!  

I am awesome, so subscribe to my blog!"

That is not the way to get YOU to like ME, just like only emailing ads about yourself and your notary services won't endear you to clients or prospective clients.

It worked five to ten years ago, but not any more.  I don't mean they will hate you for it, but you won't impress them the way an email would that was about them and their needs.


  • Collect emails every where you go.
  • Subscribe to an email service.
  • Have an unsubscribe link!
  • Write an email that shows you know your client's needs.
  • Be friendly and warm.
  • Be memorable by providing something useful to the receiver. 
  • Make your emails about them.

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